Starlet was the second queen to sashay away last night, here’s what she has to say about it

‘It’s okay to let loose and just be more confident in yourself’

Drag Race UK season four episode two dropped last night and we saw the iconic return of the girl bands. But unfortunately our joy was cut short when Starlet was eliminated from the competition after lip syncing for her life to Sugababes’ About You Now – yes, it was incredible.

Not even 24-hours after being eliminated, Starlet has shared loads of sweet things about her time on the show. Including who her new best friend is and which character she would have been playing for Snatch Game. Here’s everything Starlet says in her interview with The Tab:

How are you feeling after your elimination episode?

It’s been a very emotional 24 hours, but I’ve been surrounded by friends and loved ones. They’ve been really great.

RuPaul said your entering look was his favourite ever, how did that feel to hear him say it?

We had the pleasure of watching the first half of the episode the day before it came out to TV. So many happy tears were shed. It was a very rewarding moment. Such a huge compliment from RuPaul, I didn’t get a badge but I’m taking that compliment to the bank and the grave.

Do you agree with the critiques that you got last night?

I can see where they were coming from. I still stand by what I said. I had a really great time, I loved doing a live performance with all the girls – we had so much fun in rehearsals. I understand what they were saying that I wasn’t giving face and or energy and there was the part when I fumbled on the choreo. But I can’t change it now.

What went through your mind when you were eliminated?

So I was overwhelmed with emotion. I was completely heartbroken. I said my exit line at the front of the stage where I said thank you for giving me my dream and I get to go and find a new one. Then I walked back and I was on the verge of breaking down and I just needed to get off camera. And I did breakdown afterwards and then you can see the results of that when I go back into the werk room.

But there wasn’t me being pissed off or rude to the judges at all – that’s not what was intended. I just needed to get to have a moment to myself because it was an incredibly odd moment for me.

What was the most overwhelming part of preparing for Drag Race UK?

I would just say the sheer mass of work you need to do and the body of work that you need to prepare to go on the show and get it to the standard where they want it to be. Also getting your messages across and making sure they’ve been conveyed how you want it to be. Lots of rhinestones – I do all my own studding myself and it was such a big project and I had a friend come over for a week to help me out. Day and night working going for fittings up and down the country. And because coronavirus is still a thing, every time I left the house I had a hood that zipped up all the way so it was like a plastic helmet.

What did you have planned for Snatch Game?

I would have done Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean or been Jim Carrey – that was the second option. I’m a goofball.

Do you have any fond memories that didn’t make the cut?

There was a very sweet moment me and Black Peppa had when we were in untucked. She just said how proud she was and she saw how hard I worked as a dancer. She recognised that I’m not a natural performer but I gave it my all.

Out of all the queens, who did you grow closest to?

Dakota and I have very much become besties since filming. We’ve had a lot of bonding conversations with each other and we have learned that we are both very similar. We both love Old Hollywood, we both attach each other to media in the same way – our creative minds just think in the same way. And as we’ve gotten closer we have realised we have had similar situations in life.

Which of the challenges would you have slayed?

I really wanted an acting challenge because the whole time I was saying I’m a goofball and then an acting challenge would have been such a good opportunity to let loose and be stupid. There wouldn’t be any reason to feel reserved or shy or anything because we all look like idiots at the end of the day.

Is there anything you’ve taken into your own drag style or adapted after the experience?

It would just be to project because I’ve been told once or twice that I am soft spoken. Being on the show has exposed me to another side – my drag personality can be fun and it’s okay to let loose and just be more confident in yourself.

I was just really panicked and worried that I was going to just be completely humiliated. And I was really expecting my worst and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was very happy about and it was. It just really giving me a bit of a confidence boost. It was more out of my shell on episode two and episode one and it was leaving that people can finally see that part. I don’t know if it’s fully set but they can see more into my mobile phone which I’m actually going to say and how this has helped me.

Special thanks to Jasmine Aloma at the BBC.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four continues on BBC Three and iPlayer Thursdays at 9pm.Watch the full Meet the Queens here.

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