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VOTE: Which iconic queen do you want to win Drag Race UK season four?

Four way tie, end of

I can’t believe we’re finally here, but we’ve made it to the final week of Drag Race UK season four – and tonight we’ll see either Cheddar Gorgeous, Danny Beard, Jonbers Blonde or Black Peppa win the crown. Four amazing queens, all representing a diverse and different area of drag in the UK. Whilst Danny and Cheddar have won the most RuPeter Badges across the season, the four have become instantly beloved in the fandom and everyone has their own thoughts on who should win. But who do you want to win? It’s time to cast your vote for Drag Race UK winner!

Firstly, a reminder of all four queens and what they’ve done all season. Scroll down to the end to cast your vote!

Black Peppa

Coming straight into the competition with the most gagworthy entrance look and then a maxi challenge win with two iconic runways, Black Peppa wasted no time in letting everyone know she was a formidable competitor and a clear frontrunner for the top four and the crown.

Whilst Black Peppa has always been great TV, out of the top four she has the worst track record. One badge but four bottom two placements! Although Black Peppa proved in every single lip sync exactly what she was capable of as a drag queen – it’s likely she’s going to devour the top four track in the final episode.

Cheddar Gorgeous

Drag Race UK winner vote

Oh, that’s mother. As a Manc, Cheddar Gorgeous has been the high priestess alien goddess of the drag scene for as long as I can remember. DR Cheddar Gorgeous to me is so wise and clever and thoughtful, I could listen to her talk about drag and politics forever. Her drag is nuanced, meticulous and an artistic explosion of creativity. Nobody ever doubted that she had what it took to get to top four – she’s been one of the most hyped queens to come on the show and she’s lived up to expectations.

Four badges! No lip syncs! She placed low on two occasions, but Cheddar spent this season as a frontrunner. Has Dr Gorgeous got your vote?

Danny Beard

Danny Beard was a big name going into the competition, after a memorable stint on Britain’s Got Talent. Danny Beard really went above and beyond this season – versatile and often astounding runways that really TOOK it there. The Little Shop of Horrors look is for the history books. Danny was just hilarious for the entire season, too – instantly funny one liners but with so much heart and love for their sisters. The biggest character of season four.

Not only that, but four wins! And not a single low or bottom placement. One of the best track records in franchise history!

Jonbers Blonde

Drag Race UK winner vote

If you want charm, you’ve got it. Jonbers Blonde is the epitome of a good time and a good sport. You can just tell RuPaul loves her so much, and that’s always so much fun to watch. Jonbers has had an up and down journey this season, but one thing’s been consistent: She’s been a blast to watch, and her runways have been styled to the nines. Ru said her ruffle look is one of her favourites in the history of the show.

Jonbers hasn’t won a single maxi challenge and has no badges, but she got to this final episode being an icon and that’s what matters!!

Vote for your winner of season four of Drag Race UK now!

See all the final four in the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Series 4 airs on Thursday 24th November at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

Special thanks to Jasmine Aloma at the BBC.

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