Here’s everything you need to know about Christina Ricci’s character in Netflix’s Wednesday

Sadly, she isn’t a Wednesday from the past who has time travelled

Netflix’s Wednesday series has been out for a few days and fans will have noticed that Christina Ricci, who played the original Wednesday Addams, has returned and sadly it wasn’t to reprise her role. Obviously, she hasn’t returned as the title character, but instead stars as Marilyn Thornhill in the new series. It’s all a bit confusing so if you’re still a bit unsure as to how Netflix brought back Christina Ricci in the new series, here is everything you need to know about her character, Marilyn Thornhill:

Marilyn is a teacher at Nevermore Academy, the school Wednesday attends

In the Netflix series, Marilyn Thornhill is a school teacher at Nevermore Academy and is Wednesday’s dorm mother at Ophelia Hall. Marilyn takes Wednesday under her wing as a “kindred spirit”. In the school, Marilyn is the only “normie” teacher, meaning the only teacher without some sort of supernatural ability. The Nevermore Academy is a school for outcasts, a home for vampires, werewolves or people who find themselves to be part of the Addams family.

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The show’s creators were first unsure about getting Ricci to star in the Netflix show

Al Gough, co-creator of Wednesday, said the show’s team “weren’t sure we could make it happen”, because Christina Ricci was shooting her TV show Yellowjackets at the time and she was pregnant. He said: “We had to rejigger the schedule because she really wanted to do it. She worked with Tim [Burton] on Sleepy Hollow and she loves Wednesday and really loved the idea of the project. It was really important to us that we honour the legacy of what’s happened before.”

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To the dismay of fans, Marilyn Thornhill was not Wednesday’s secret relative

Spoilers ahead!

Addams family fans were hoping Christina Ricci would return as Wednesday’s Aunt Ophelia from the old TV series, but that was not the case. Marilyn Thornhill is actually Laurel Gates, a surviving members of the Gates family of Jericho who faked her own death in a drowning accident as a child. Laurel changed her name and infiltrated Nevermore Academy, plotting her revenge. Her revenge was all a ploy to get back at Nevermore Academy and the Addams family in particular.

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