SK was with Raven on Love Is Blind ‘for money and fame’, says relationship expert

‘It is no surprise Raven and SK split up’ 😬

A relationship expert has had their say on the saga currently going down between Love Is Blind couple SK and Raven, claiming they were definitely together “for money not love”. Earlier this week it was announced the couple had split up, following multiple women coming forward and claiming they were dating SK at the same time he was meant to be with Raven for the Netflix show.

The news has got everyone on Twitter talking, and people are saying it’s solidified that Love Is Blind is a failure in its most recent seasons. But, a relationship expert has said we could have all easily seen this coming.

Heart Bingo has teamed up with relationship expert and co-founder of dating site So Syncd, Louella Alderson, to get her thoughts on the drama unfolding with SK and Raven right now. She hasn’t held back, let’s say that much.

A relationship expert speaks about SK and Raven

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‘It is no surprise Raven and SK split up’

When asked if she saw Raven and SK breaking up coming, relationship expert Loulla said it was “no surprise”, and if she was being cynical, she would put it all down to them being together for money, and not love.

“Raven and SK have not stood the test of time,” she said. “It is no surprise that Raven and SK split up. However, no one could have predicted the drama that is unfolding on TikTok. When they announced their relationship at the reunion, it begged the question of whether or not their relationship was real. Couples that finish the show together usually do the best from a money and sponsorship standpoint. So, a cynical opinion of the couple would be that they were together for the money and not necessarily for love.”

She said recent events “have only made matters worse between the two” after multiple women have released receipts of their alleged relationships with SK, claiming he cheated and lied throughout the Love Is Blind experience and at the time of the reunion.

SK and Raven on Love Is Blind

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‘I could not see their relationship lasting even if these cheating allegations hadn’t come to light’

Even if the cheating allegations hadn’t been a thing, Louella still doesn’t think SK and Raven would have been long term. “I could not see their relationship lasting even if these cheating allegations hadn’t come to light,” she said. “The reason SK said no to marrying Raven was due to cultural differences and the difficulty of studying and living in different states. This had us all wondering why SK even went on the show in the first place.

“If the relationship was real for Raven, then overcoming the rejection at the altar and giving SK another chance took courage and strength. It’s sad to see anyone have their heart broken, and even more so when it plays out in public as this did. It’s time for Raven to move on from this toxic situation and, hopefully, find someone who really loves her.”

SK and Raven on Love Is Blind together for money says relationship expert

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Why does the relationship expert think SK did this?

Louella said: “We can only speculate, but it looks like Raven may have been the victim of a situation that was far from genuine. SK had the public fooled, Raven fooled, and other women fooled. He played a strategic game and, unfortunately, it came at the expense of other people’s feelings.

“If he wasn’t serious about the show and wasn’t serious about Raven, then perhaps he was only in it for the money and fame. That’s up to us all to decide.”

Would coming from a polygamous family affect SK’s behaviour?

During the pod section of Love Is Blind, SK said he grew up in a polygamist household, and his father had multiple wives. This has caused a lot of people on Twitter to wonder if it has something to do with the allegations.

“It’s unlikely that coming from a polygamous family caused SK’s behaviour,” Louella said. “Of course, each situation is different, but ethical non-monogamy is built around trust and honesty. Cheating is a breach of trust and just because someone engages in polygamy, it shouldn’t mean that they are any less trustworthy.”

Louella did say that growing up with a father with multiple wives “could mean SK is more inclined to have multiple partners at the same time”. “If you grow up in an environment where polygamy is accepted, it’s possible that you come to see relationships from a different perspective,” she said.

“However, this is different to cheating on someone you are in a monogamous relationship with. There are many people around the world who have grown up in polygamous families who actively choose to be in a faithful and healthy monogamous relationship.

“Family upbringing and culture can absolutely have an effect on people’s behaviour, but engaging in polygamy and cheating in a monogamous relationship are two completely different things. People can decide what to take away from their upbringing and what they want to do differently.

“At the end of the day, it’s up to us all to take responsibility for our own actions and make the right decisions in any relationship we choose to be in.”

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