Qatar World Cup 2022 rules

All the rules football fans have to follow while watching the World Cup in Qatar

Fans will have to think twice about ripping their top off in celebration


The 2022 World Cup has kicked off and thousands of football fans have flown out to Qatar, with the hopes of their team bringing football home. There are 32 different nations across the world who are taking part in the Qatar World Cup, and that amounts to a lot of fans travelling around the world to support their home countries. The 2022 World Cup is the first to ever be held in a Muslim-majority country and there are a lot of rules fans will need to follow in the host country, like none ever before.

There has been a ton of controversy surrounding the World Cup 2022 being in Qatar. Some football fans have made the decision to boycott this year’s games due to the human rights issues in the host country. This is largely due to corruption allegations, poor working conditions, the treatment of women as well as it being unsafe to be LGBTQ+ in Qatar.

The strict rules in Qatar are a set of a rules that need to be followed as the punishment can be severe if broken. Here is a look at all the Qatar World Cup 2022 rules, fans will have to follow if they fly out:

Fans cannot drink alcohol in public

Qatar World Cup 2022 rules

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In Qatar, it is an offence to drink alcohol or to be drunk in public. It was initially confirmed by FIFA that ticket holders would be allowed to drink alcohol within the stadium perimeter before and after the games, but that has since been reversed. Alcohol will only be available to drink to those who have paid for hospitality boxes, and those start at £19,000. Drinking in public in Qatar can be punishable by a jail term of up to six months, while swearing or making rude gestures can result in deportation.

Qatar has a zero tolerance policy for drugs, for even some over-the-counter medication available in the UK

It’s pretty much a no-brainer that drugs are illegal in Qatar, the host country has a much stricter approach to those with drugs. Punishments can include custodial sentences, fines and deportation. Even some prescribed medication that is available in the UK can be seen as a controlled substance in Qatar.

Revealing clothing in public is not encouraged in Qatar

Another one of the Qatar World Cup 2022 rules is being unable to wear revealing clothes in public. The weather in Qatar has highs of 32 degrees, but those attending the World Cup are not encouraged to wear revealing clothing. The removal of shirts inside stadiums is strictly prohibited in Qatar and football fans could be asked to leave or denied entry if they don’t follow the rules.

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Fans must be careful with photography they post online

Those travelling to Qatar have been asked to be aware of “cultural sensitivities” when taking videos or photos in the country, especially in and around religious and military sites. There are strict privacy laws in Qatar and posting photos and videos that can be seen as an insult or culturally insensitive can be considered a crime punishable by Qatari law.

Fans mustn’t kiss in public or risk being arrested

Any form of intimacy, like kissing, in public between men and women can lead to an arrest. Anyone who is arrested for breaking this rule can be fined, given a custodial sentence or deported. If someone gets pregnant outside of marriage, they could also be breaking the law in Qatar.

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