Inside the mega cute house Love Island’s Millie and Chloe now live in together

Are they looking for a third housemate, or?


Millie Court and Chloe Burrows from Love Island 2021 have shared a major life update -they’ve moved into a new house, together! After both splitting from who they left Love Island in relationships with, the gals are living together.

Millie and Liam had been living in a £1million home in Essex, with four bedrooms and access to a sauna and tennis court. However, when they announced their split, Liam moved out and Millie said she would be selling the home they shared. Chloe and Toby also lived in a £1million home, just up the road from Millie and Liam’s. They’ve also moved out. The girls living together now is a little iconic, and I’m desperate to know if they want a third housemate.

In a video shared on YouTube, Millie has showed us all around her old home now it’s empty, and has given us a sneak peek at the new house she and Chloe recently moved into. She has said she won’t be doing a full tour for privacy reasons, but did show us a look around her new living area, saying she’s decorated it much more to her taste than where she was before. Both girls have also shown little glimpses of their pad on Instagram.

Inside the new house Millie Court lives in

via Instagram @milliegracecourt

Moving into the new home, Millie said some of it isn’t ready but she has a lot of her furniture all set up. She has a pink sofa in her living area, which is open plan with a dining area behind it. Lots of the furniture, including a huge lamp in the living space, has come from the old house she shared with Liam.

Her huge flat screen TV comes with ambient lighting behind it, and she’s kitted out the dining room with soft furnishings, books, vases and candles. She also has a really cute picture wall of prints in the dining area. One of the prints was gifted from Millie’s dad, and another was given to Millie by Chloe, so now they get to enjoy it together. Cute!

She also has doors out of the dining room into a garden, and a drinks trolly with champagne, gin, glasses, books and candles on it, of course. Describing the new home, Millie said she has gone for “more girly vibes” and said the new house “is definitely more me”.

On Instagram, Millie’s also showed us a little look at her bedroom. It features a huge bed with a plush headboard, and of course, loads of pillows and a cute lamp.

via Instagram @millegracecourt

Watch the full tour Millie Court has done of her new house and moving out of her old one here:

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