There’s a video of Love Island’s Antigoni and Danica performing together and it is so cursed

There’s one person screaming along in the crowd… and that’s Paige 💀

A video is circulating of Antigoni and Danica from Love Island 2022 performing together and it really is something. Antigoni has recently released her new single, You Can Have Him, and Danica is a dancer in the music video. The new clip shows the pair on stage performing the song together.

“Antigoni and Danica performing in Dublin tonight,” the video is captioned, and shows them on a stage with Antigoni singing her song whilst Danica dances to it alongside her. It’s all a bit awkward, as the comments have loved to point out. “It’s literally giving cousin performance to convince our parents to let us have a sleep over,” one person said. Whilst others literally just commented asking it if was “for real” or not.

Another comment added: “Is this a joke”, whilst another questioned “Is there only one person in the audience?”. Others said: “The choreographed dance sent me” and “me in my room practicing for school talent show”.

During the video, there is one person in the audience screaming and singing along, and someone in the comments has said this is Paige Thorne, also from Love Island 2022. It does really sound like her to be fair, and it was reported this week that Paige had joined Danica and Antigoni in the city. So yes, the person screaming along is Paige.

The three girls previously posted on Instagram saying they had visited the Guinness Storehouse, and Antigoni had then busked in the city before her gig at the Button Factory.

Antigoni with Danica and Paige before performing in Dublin

via Instagram @paigethornex

The clip from the gig shows Antigoni singing the chorus to the song, before breaking off into a choreographed dance section with Danica. They’re really not in time at all, and there’s a bit where Danica looks at Antigoni as though she’s just making the dance up on the spot and has left her behind. “They’re doing different dances😂,” one person commented on the TikTok. Danica then walks off the stage and blows a kiss to Antigoni, who thanks her for being there.

It’s a lot. It really is.

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