A brief history of Love Island’s messiest and most dramatic breakups of all time

Can you IMAGINE being compared to a kebab?? I’d want death

Love Island couples are cursed when it comes to breakups hitting headlines. They seem to go through the messiest and most dramatic breakups of all time which sucks for them but is great for people like us who love Islander gossip. Over the years we have seen some explosive rows being papped, breakup statements being posted whilst the other person is napping and even being compared to a kebab – it’s not looking good.

Here’s a rundown of Love Island’s messiest and most dramatic breakups of all time.

Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard

Love Island exes Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard reunite for selfie | Metro  News

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This breakup was one big mess but at the same time it gave us one of the greatest Love Island memes of all time. Curtis Pritchard being so desperate to make everyone a coffee in the morning to the point where he’s willing to lose a potential girlfriend over it was too funny. When Amy returned from Casa Amor ready to rekindle her love for Curtis, he then dropped the bomb that he kissed someone else but still wanted to be her boyfriend – someone make it make sense.

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake reunion in explosive Ex on the Beach

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake met on Love Island 2018 and moved in together straight after the show. However the pair quickly broke up just one month after leaving the villa. At the Love Island reunion we found out Charlie told Ellie he was in the countryside when he was actually in London having dinner with another girl.

Ellie revealed she woke up to messages saying he was with a blonde girl in London so asked him where he was and he denied being there. Ellie was sent a photo of Charlie in a restaurant with a girl and Charlie had the audacity to claim it was photoshopped. The pair have always been dramatic though, when they were together Charlie allegedly threw all of Ellie’s stuff out his bedroom window and secretly dumped her before kicking her out of the house – yikes. What makes it worse though is the fact this was after he reportedly chatted up another girl.

Georgia Steele and Sam Bird

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Georgia Steele spent her entire time on Love Island claiming she was “loyal, babe.” However when Sam Bird gave his first interview after their split he admitted she wasn’t as loyal as she makes out and said: “She’s not the person I thought she was.”

Sam accused Georgia of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend and apparently he found a suspicious selfie of Georgia in bed with her ex. Georgia denied these claims and instead said the relationship failing was down to Sam who made her feel “miserable” when they were together. This whole situation blew up in an explosive row during the Love Island Christmas special.

Anna Vikali and Jordan Hames

Anna and Jordan Love Island: Dumped Islanders speak out

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When I think about Anna and Jordan I get literal war flashbacks. They were official for only 24 hours and then all hell broke loose. Anna really put Jordan in his place after he cracked on with India but bloody hell, credit where credit is due, Jordan was a confident guy.

The best part of this messy breakup was Jordan trying to end things with Anna but she just says over and over again how he can end something when it’s already over – comedy gold, end of.

Katie Salmon and Adam Maxted

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Adam and Katie were the first of the couples to split after leaving the villa. In one of the weirdest breakup announcements of all time, Adam took to Twitter and compared Katie to a literal kebab.

He said: “It’s like when you’re eating a kebab after a night out and the first few bites taste good but then you realise that it isn’t really nice at all.” Katie then replied and said: “It’s like getting socks at Christmas. Practical but not fun.”

Olivia Atwood and Chris Hughes

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Olivia Atwood and Chris Hughes argued relentlessly on Love Island. Watching them on the show had the same energy as when you’re around your mates house and their parents start arguing. It’s awkward for everyone involved but you just can’t take your eyes off them. They didn’t last after Love Island, obviously.

After leaving the villa they landed their own show called Crackin’ On which originally planned to document their relationship but instead aired Chris dumping Olivia. So. Savage.

Rosie Williams and Adam Collard

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Adam Collard is a whole different type of evil given the fact he’s on this list twice.

We all knew Adam Collard couldn’t be trusted. He went from Kendall to Rosie and then to Zara. But when he faced accusations of gaslighting Rosie, the breakup went sour. Rosie essentially poured her heart out to him at the end of their relationship whilst he sat there smirking. Pure evil. He quickly moved on with Zara McDermott but they broke up pretty soon after.

Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson

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I died when Megan said Wes was “vanilla” in bed after their breakup. She accused him of messaging another Islander whilst they were together. After everything they went through together, seriously, they even had a hamster. Tragic.

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham

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This was weird. Jack and Dani “briefly broke up” but then clarified they were back together and then it was revealed the whole thing was a publicity stunt. It was all revealed in a leaked recording between Jack and a mate in a pub, he has been saying it was Dani’s plan to break up with him for publicity. The conversation was recorded by a random person in an Essex pub and was leaked to The Daily Mail. In the recording, Jack says: “I’m not being funny yeah, but if it was on the other foot would you have done it? I said you, listen yeah, you made your decision. You, I’ve not said a word to no one. I’ve been posting what I normally do. I said when you’ve been and gone tomorrow, post on Instagram saying I’ve made a mistake, I’m sorry and that’s what you’re gonna be doing. I’m not getting back with you.” How crazy was THAT???

Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel

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Kaz and Josh split in 2019 after finding each other in the villa. The Mirror reported their breakup had been a long time coming after the paper heard claims the paid parted ways before going on an exotic holiday together as part of a media campaign for sandals.

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran

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Chloe and Toby’s breakup wasn’t that savage, it’s more so what came after. So many indirect TikToks and tweets – chaos. Chloe and Millie even whizzed off on holiday together after Toby was accused of making this “shady” TikTok about needing to be single.

Paige Thorne and Adam Collard

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Adam can’t help himself can he? He just has to be in this list twice. Anyway, after his second time on Love Island he managed to break another girl’s heart. Pictures surfaced showing Adam with his arm around another woman on a night out. He heavily denied everything but he and Paige still ended up splitting up.

Gemma Owen and Luca Bish

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More recently Gemma and Luca Bish broke things off. On the same day Gemma dumped him and put a statement out to say she was single. Luca was none the wiser after claiming he was napping whilst the news went out on Gemma’s side and woke up to see loads of articles and messages. I mean it’s savage but also so girl boss from Gemma, it’s hard not to respect her for it.

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