Pete Davidson Emily Ratajkowski memes

Please enjoy these 22 memes while you wait in line to date Pete Davidson

It’s basically a birth right at this point

Pete Davidson is reportedly dating model Emily Ratajkowski, and honestly, how does he do it? In the past he has dated Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor, Ariana Grande and most recently Kim Kardashian. The news hardly came as a shock when it immediately went viral that Pete and Emily were reportedly romantically linked and all people could do was create memes over how ridiculous the news was. It is no secret that people aren’t obsessed with Pete Davidson and want the chance to date him, so while you patiently wait in line to date the comedian, because let’s be honest you really want it to happen, enjoy these 22 memes about him and Emily Ratajkowski:

1. No cutting in!!

2. It’s got to be at this point

3. Hehehe x

4. Looool

5. Gibbaaayyy

6. Please, just let me know

7. One eye open when I’m sleeping

8. Someone’s gotta do it

9. Valid x

10. Facts!

11. Pete Davidson wishes he had what Gibby has

12. I’d pay good money

13. He’s funny!!!

14. I volunteer as tribute x

15. It’s not that difficult to understand tbh

16. Getting his suit dry cleaned as we speak

17. True x

18. Please, we don’t need to know EVERYTHING

19. Open your eyes!

20. We had a good run x

21. Lol

22. An inspiration to us all x

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