Just 32 of the best memes from the very intense Love Is Blind season three reunion

I’m still recovering

Wow. We need to take a minute to talk about the reunion show we all just witnessed. Following the weddings in season three, Love Is Blind straight dropped the reunion show – and since then there’s been more drama, feuds and a whole lot of memes being posted.

It really feels as though the world is divided. There were big moments with Nancy and Bartise and Cole and Zanab, and of course we got the great news that SK and Raven are dating again. But wow, the drama. I think the best way to digest everything that happened is to sit back and look at the way the internet has reacted.

Here are all the best memes and reactions to the Love Is Blind season three reunion.

1. End of!

2. The best news there could have been

3. They are THEE couple

4. I’m disappointed, but not surprised

5. 😬

6. I BEG

7. Are you trying to convince us or yourself?

8. Obsessed with them !

The best memes and reactions to the Love Is Blind season three reunion on Netflix

9. Bartise should have been served up, sorry

10. I love this for them, I really do

11. It’s only fair!

12. He is an icon

13. This was too cute for my heart to take

14. Truly!

15. OK!!!!

16. Preach!

17. Nothing but respect

18. Looool stop this hahahaha

19. Thank u x


21. I kinda can’t believe they did that?

22. Hahahaha I adore her

23. They got more screen time than some of the cast did

24. Ummmmm

25. THAT’s the tweet

26. Big yikes

27. I mean, yes

28. ‘Meatball’ pls

29. My heart is now warm

30. Literally tho

31. Hahahahaha

32. He would have DRAGGED Bartise

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