The most shocking revelations to come out of the Love Is Blind season three reunion

Our queen Zanab called out Cole for his body shaming comments

Love Is Blind season three is finally over and now we know who decided to get married, who didn’t and who has picked up their relationship after filming. The reunion for this season was wild, there were so many shocking revelations which just left viewers gagged. And I’m not going to lie, most of them were related to Bartise and Cole and just how they single-handedly carried this season’s drama. Here’s a rundown of all the dramatic moments and tearful apologies from the Love Is Blind season three reunion episode.

Bartise showed up with a man bun and eyebrow slit

We saw it last season when Kyle rocked up with a nose ring – this show changes people. I was so shook to see the eyebrow slit.

The poolgate is clearly a huge issue still

The first moment of the season which had the most drama was the infamous pool party scene between Cole and Colleen. In the pods, Cole had a connection with both Zanab and Colleen but ultimately chose to marry Zanab. Whilst meeting the other couples at a pool party in Malibu, Cole told Colleen he was physically attracted to her and she was more his type than Zanab. Colleen apologised to Zanab for this in the reunion and apologised again to Matt for disrespecting their relationship. But Cole insisted he had already apologised to Zanab for it in the moment which she remembered to be weeks later.

SK and Raven are back on

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During the reunion Raven said she wasn’t blindsided by SK saying he doesn’t want to marry her but she also revealed how “unprepared” she was for it. However in a shocking turn of events SK and Raven revealed they are currently dating. They even got up and kissed in front of everyone which just proves their feelings. Raven also said she and SK didn’t get physical until after their wedding day when they both didn’t get married.

Nancy cried a lot and Bartise defended his Raven comments

This isn’t massively shocking considering what she endured throughout this season. One of the most dramatic moments was when Bartise and Nancy were laying in bed and he just went in on one about how fit Raven is. Nancy told Bartise it was good how honest he was but also slammed him for being “childish”. A mature queen!

Bartise said his conversation with Nancy about Raven was “hard to watch” and he then apologised for the comments he made about Raven. But then doubled down on it right away adding: “I don’t think the feelings were inappropriate. This experiment is so unique and the connections that we made were so fast and so fresh, it might make sense that the two of us were having those thoughts.”

Bartise was with another woman the day after his wedding

Okay so we all know Bartise and Nancy didn’t end up getting married after she said yes and he said no. Bartise said he learnt his lesson from the whole experience and even revealed he was rooting for his relationship with Nancy whilst watching the show. This upset Nancy who continued to reveal how the day after their non-wedding, Nancy saw a video on social media of Bartise and a tall blonde woman.

Bartise then admitted he did hook up with the blonde woman but it’s no one’s business as he was single. The entire cast, including Nick and Vanessa Lachey, then argue how it wasn’t okay for Bartise to move on that quickly and post it on his socials.

Cole was miserable throughout the entire reunion and rightfully so

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Cole looked so miserable throughout the entire reunion, apart from at the times when he was laughing and calling Zanab “insane.” The reunion was the first time Cole and Zanab spoke to each other after their wedding day and Zanab ripped into him at the altar. Despite everything Zanab said to him, Cole is still certain he doesn’t know why their wedding day happened like it did. He is massively in denial and it turns out their relationship was even worse than what we saw on screen. The reunion showed a glimpse of how horrid it is when the two argue but also Zanab revealed some dark truths about Cole.

Zanab called Cole out for his body shaming comments

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There was actually so much more that happened offscreen with Cole and Zanab which makes her speech at the altar make so much more sense.

First up, Cole tried to gaslight Zanab and called her “insane” after she said he didn’t apologise to her for weeks. Thankfully Brennon stepped in and told Cole to not use that word to describe Zanab and instead Cole used “crazy.” Everyone pointed out how using that word has the exact same effect. He didn’t stop there though, he continued to disrespect Zanab in front of everyone and Alexa called him “deceitful”. Later in the reunion Cole tried to say Alexa called him “evil” and she corrected him several times saying that’s not what she said.

Zanab called Cole out for all the body shaming comments he made to her that weren’t shown in the episodes. She gave examples of him pushing food away from her and trying to encourage her to order salads. Zanab says it was his saving grace that the footage wasn’t used in the season, however the producers added it at the end.

She said she developed some unhealthy eating habits during her time with Cole, she said he was “trying to control what I ate and me changing my eating habits” as a result of his body shaming. Cole literally laughed in her face and said: “That’s hilarious, I never once cared about what you ate.” Then Zanab said she stopped eating and was only eating “a banana and teaspoon of peanut butter” so she wouldn’t pass out on days of filming. She then brought up a moment where she grabbed two tangerine cuties and he said: “Are you going to eat both of those? Maybe you should save your appetite.” Cole denied that too and said if there’s footage then they should play it. At the end of the reunion, the producers decided to play it and it’s exactly as Zanab describes.

Andrew was invited to the reunion but didn’t show

We all remember Andrew and his tear drops. It turns out he was invited to the reunion but chose not to come. Bartise said Andrew’s eyedrops clip was not a “false depiction” of who he was and all the women seemed to be quite pleased Andrew wasn’t there – big yikes.

Nick Lachey made a gross comment about second marriages

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Nick told Matt that marriage is “always better the second time.” Was there any need to bring Jessica Simpson into this? I think not.

Alexa said she almost left during the pods

Apparently Brennon convinced Alexa to stay when she debated leaving the show during the pods. But our king saved the day and gave us the best couple from this season.

Matt and Colleen still don’t live together

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed were one of the two couples who actually got married this season. Despite becoming husband and wife though, the couple revealed they still don’t live together over one year later.

In the reunion episode Colleen said they’re both on the same page but in terms of money and finances they weren’t. She said: “As soon as the wedding, the next day we weren’t money-wise ready to give up on our leases.” Matt explained they’d both have to cancel their lease in order to move in together and Colleen said she would have “screwed over” her roommates if she tried to move in with Matt straight away.

Bartise and Cole apparently got up to some things when the cameras weren’t filming

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Nancy and the other girls called out Cole and Bartise for the stuff they did after filming. For example Bartise with the “tall blonde” and then Cole apparently tried to get another girl’s number during the bachelor party. However Matt seemed to be caught off guard by the claim, he said: “Wait, wait? I got a girl’s number at the bachelor party?” Zanab continued to say Cole had told her the night before the wedding that he’d tried to kiss another girl and get her number. But Cole was adamant he didn’t and said Zanab was making the story up.

Cole gets tearful and says he regrets doing the show

As he should! Cole said he regrets doing the show and knowing now he has destroyed Zanab’s self-esteem he wouldn’t do it over. Cole even admitted watching their relationship play out “destroyed” him.

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