A rundown of Cole and Zanab’s explosive wedding day drama and why they’re not speaking

Zanab ripped into him so hard at the altar omg

Love was clearly not blind for Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey and their explosive wedding day was proof of this. The couple met and got engaged on season three of Love Is Blind and their relationship came to a very dramatic end as Zanab said “I don’t” to Cole at the altar.

But that’s not all Zanab said, she really went in after weeks of Cole showing red flag after red flag. Here’s a rundown of their explosive wedding day and why Cole and Zanab are no longer speaking to one another.

Did Cole and Zanab from Love Is Blind season three get married?

It won’t shock you to hear the couple didn’t get married. After saying “I don’t” to Cole in front of everyone, Zanab continued to slay the house down and said: “You have disrespected me, you have insulted me, you have critiqued me, and for what it’s worth, you have single-handedly shattered my self-confidence. And the messed up thing is I know I love you but love shouldn’t feel this way. I can’t marry you.”

Cole was then left stunned and crying, he told the camera: “Why has she never said that to my face? She chose now because she knew it would hurt more in front of all my friends and family. She had me fooled big time. I knew we were not perfect but that? It’s one of the worst experiences of my life.” Ummmm, I can think of a few reasons why she’d do that at the altar.

What happened to Cole and Zanab after their wedding?

In an interview with PEOPLE, Zanab said: “I did not stand up there and say no to the Cole that everyone got to see. There was a lot more. I stand by everything I said.”

She then told PEOPLE about the current status of their relationship, Zanab said: “We do not speak. We didn’t really leave a friendship or a mutual respect, I think, for each other to have. So there isn’t communication between the two of us.” At the end of the episode fans then got a glimpse of the reunion where we hear Zanab claim Cole tried to control her eating habits and got another woman’s number before kissing her at his bachelor party. Cole denies all these allegations.

As for Cole, he told PEOPLE there are some things he would change if he could go back in time. He also spoke about what it was like hearing Zanab speak at the altar, he said it was horrible. Cold continued: “I didn’t know what to think, and that’s why we didn’t talk for a long time afterwards because I didn’t know how I was ever going to process that. I didn’t want to talk to her because I felt betrayed and I felt like she had really duped me and brought me to that moment to do that to me, I wish we could do it over and have more conversations beforehand.”

Cole wants to clarify the ‘bipolar’ comment he made about Zanab

Cole said everyone keeps asking him about the bipolar comment he made before their wedding, he said he asked it because Zanab was “1,000 per cent ready to marry me in one conversation and then the next she’d be really upset at me for something.” He said he was confused going into it and looking back now, he’s glad he didn’t say yes because they were not ready to get married.

Despite Zanab having said they’re not speaking, Cole said: “Zay and I are having a lot of hard conversations and working through a lot of our baggage in our relationship. We talked a few weeks ago, and then we just recently here in the last week have been talking a lot. So we care about each other a lot, but we have a lot of pain from our past.”

Zanab confirmed during the reunion that she has “completely forgiven” Cole for everything. So! Much! Drama!

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