SK’s mum is truly the best part of Love Is Blind season three and these reactions prove it

Her going to see Raven after the wedding was too much for my heart

People are calling SK’s mum the best person on Love Is Blind season three and it’s true. She is saving this season from being a big flop thanks to her kind attitude. Every season there’s one parent who steals the show, season one was Kelly’s mum, season two was owned by Jarrette’s dad and now season three is all about SK’s mum.

Ade, SK’s mum has won the audience over for all the right reasons. Fans of the show are obsessed with her relationship with Raven Ross, who SK rejected at the altar. Straight off the bat, when Ade met Raven for the first time they formed a close bond. Ade also took Raven to select her gele, a traditional Nigerian head wrap, and helped her get ready for her wedding day when her own mum couldn’t be there.

After her son rejected Raven at the altar, Ade went to the check on her and it broke our hearts. She walked into the room, hugged Raven and said: “I love you so, so much.” Imagine Raven hearing this after her family refuses to attend the wedding. Ade is too sweet and pure for Love Is Blind.

One fan of the show said: “SKs’ mum is literally this season’s MVP!! I stan such a supportive, open, understanding, and loving immigrant mother – because I know that most immigrant parents are usually the opposite.”

Ade is actually the best Love Is Blind parent of all time. Going to check on Raven and telling her how much she loves her proves this. It was the right decision for Raven and SK given the different life stages they’re both at and Ade knew this too.

Another person said Ade deserves her own show and to be honest, yeah. Let’s get that commissioned ASAP.

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