Recapping what the Love Is Blind couples said at the altar and who’s still together

I’m so shook more than one couple got married looool

The weddings are over for Love Is Blind season three and I’m gagged over the fact two couples got married. For the majority of this season I was convinced no one would get married and we would just be left with ten single people but no, I was wrong and two couples managed to say “I do.” So, here’s a rundown of all the couples that managed to get married and which couples didn’t. Starting with our gorgeous Raven and SK.

SK and Raven did not get married but are still together

Love Is Blind season three couples married

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Right so first up for which Love Is Blind season three couples who got married is Raven and SK. Raven said “I do” at the altar and apprehensively waited for SK’s response which was an “I do not.” SK says he didn’t make that decision until he was in the moment, at the reunion Raved adds: “It felt like a movie. He literally took, like, five minutes to say ‘I do not’.’ It felt fake, like, this is literally what you see in movies.” But it turns out the couple are still together and are making things work long distance, Raven says nothing is perfect but they’ve grown from this experiment,

Brennon and Alexa got married and are happy

If I had to put money on one couple from this season to get married it would be Brennon and Alexa. From the start they had an easy time, it was a drama-free romance for them both so this isn’t majorly shocking. They’re still together too! In the reunion episode Brennon tries to tease a baby but Alexa shuts it down saying: “He does that all the time. I’m not pregnant yet.”

Cole and Zanab didn’t get married and aren’t speaking

Love Is Blind season three couples married

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Cole and Zanab’s wedding was explosive to say the least. She ripped into him whilst standing at the altar and she’s even said they’re not friends anymore and they don’t speak. Fans of the show weren’t convinced they’d get married anyway but no one expected such a dramatic wedding – no complaints though!

Matt and Colleen got married

Love Is Blind season three couples married

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WHAT A SHOCK, this sounds sarcastic but seriously it’s so shocking. In the reunion the couple revealed despite being married they haven’t actually moved in together yet. Colleen says: “We got married in an unorthodox way so we’re doing marriage in an unorthodox way.” The couple share that money has kept them from taking the plunge but they hope to move in together soon.

Bartise and Nancy didn’t get married and there was almost a physical fight because of it

Love Is Blind season three couples married

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Bartise said no to Nancy at the altar which almost started a fight between himself and Nancy’s family. Nancy told ET: “I was completely heartbroken, shattered, like, my heart was put in a blender and then served to my audience. That’s what I felt at that moment. So it took me a while to just figure out how do I repair this heart that I have, this love that I have for a person who didn’t choose me? I think my mentality at first was – he didn’t choose me. He gets to lose me, right? Just kind of sticking to focusing on myself and just healing from a heartbreak. After some time, we reconnected and we rehashed what happened on the day of the wedding.”

Bartise reportedly tried to reconnect with Nancy after the wedding but says she “didn’t want anything to do with me.” At the reunion, the other girls are really defending Nancy against Bartise, Alexa claims she saw him with another woman shortly after the wedding. Nancy says she saw images on social media of Bartise with a “tall blonde”. Bartise confirmed it but said nothing happened and then added “I don’t feel comfortable talking about my sex life here.” Big drama!

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