MAFS UK Kwame single

Kwame from MAFS UK has released a single and it’s worse than you could ever imagine

One lyric literally says ‘d*ck long like placenta’

Considering that Halloween has been and gone, I thought that the horrors of 2022 were dead and buried – but unfortunately, Kwame from MAFS UK has released a new single and it is nothing short of a jumpscare.

If you want to give the king of the park bench the benefit of the doubt, your hopes and dreams will quickly be dashed after you press play on the song which is kind of like listening to something one of the lads in your high school performs at the end of year assembly thinking it’s pure fire. Except released by a fully grown man.

Also… There’s a music video.

‘Hold this piece in your dentures’

I need a livestream on Kasia as she watches this for the first time, because the lyrics of Love So Real left me watching with my jaw on the ground. I need to know who signed off on these lyrics and who told this man he could rap. I’m about to write out the lyrics in full for you, but I need to draw your attention to two in particular: “My dick long like a placenta” and “Hold this piece in your dentures”.

I love it when your clothes off
You’re so soft
You’re moving like your Rollsy (?)
Call me Rick Ross when I goes off
Til I’ve grown on ya
You’re the sexiest thing and I wanna roll on ya
Til we’ve woken up and I introduce my name
It’s Kwame
Can I maintain, can I even claim ya

Maybe Kwame wouldn’t let Kasia go to his actual house on MAFS UK because he was filming another single and music video there? Much to think about. The UK charts are shaking.

For someone who wouldn’t be sexual with Kasia, the song is very sex focussed and I need to know immediately why the woman Kwame’s rapping about has dentures.

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