Grey's Anatomy patient quiz

QUIZ: Can you guess why this character was a patient on Grey’s Anatomy?

Bonus marks if they made it out of Grey Sloan💀

Grey’s Anatomy has been around for 17 years and the amount of patients that have walked through the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doors in the past 19 seasons (yes there are that many), is unmatched. It would be almost impossible to recall how many patients have featured in each episode, even more difficult to guess how many survived and managed to leave the hospital. Whether you’ve seen every single episode ever or are slowly making your way through all 19 seasons, have a go at this quiz. This quiz will truly test how much you have been paying attention to Grey’s Anatomy and all the individual patient stories. Sure, you could probably guess if they died or survived but can you remember why they were in hospital in the first place?

Whether you’re a hardcore Merder stan or you’re simply watching Grey’s Anatomy for the emotional rollercoaster that was Alex Karev and Jo Wilson, there have been so many different storylines with different patients that surely no one could get full marks in a Grey’s Anatomy patient quiz.

Test your knowledge and see if you can get 10/10 in this Grey’s Anatomy patient quiz:

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