Grey's Anatomy quotes quiz

Quiz: Can you correctly guess who said these iconic Grey’s Anatomy quotes?

So, pick ME. Choose ME. Love ME

Grey’s Anatomy has been around since 2005 and has provided us with endless tears and occasional laughs because if we’re being honest about the only thing you can do when watching Grey’s Anatomy, it’s cry. Besides developing an emotional attachment to every main character in the show, hardcore fans can also remember every iconic quote to come out of the many, many doctors’ mouths.  Whether it’s someone declaring their love or announcing a death, there are some memorable quotes that can never be forgotten on Grey’s Anatomy. But could you get full marks in a Grey’s Anatomy quotes quiz?

Whether you are a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan or stopped watching after Lexie died (I understand), there are some key quotes that everyone should remember and some could even recite at any given moment. You may be all clued up when it comes to trivia on the show, but can you cast you mind back to what characters have said throughout the show? Whether you want to scream “you weren’t on the plane!” or mimic “pick me, choose me, love me”, there is a quote everyone knows. Take this iconic Grey’s Anatomy quotes quiz to determine whether or not you are as big of a fan as you may claim to be:

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