Quiz: Can you remember how these iconic Grey’s Anatomy characters died?

Some I’ll just never forget

Look, after 18 seasons, 16 years and 369 episodes it’d be inevitable in any series that one of your favourite characters has moved on and left the show. How does this normally happen? Well, they’re killed off. In Grey’s Anatomy though, this is taken to new extremes and basically every character you’ve ever loved dies.

From hospital shootings to plane crashes, Grey’s really hasn’t held back when it comes to a dramatic death on the show. Some of the absolute best characters have been killed off and if you’re an OG Grey’s fan, it’s unlikely that you could forget any of these deaths, even if you wanted to. Granted, some have been so traumatic you really wish you could’ve.

We’ve created a quiz to see just how much you really remember. Apologies in advance for bringing up some extremely sad memories.

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