Quiz: How much of the Gilmore Girls pilot episode can you remember?

I know it word for word

It’s been just over 21 years since the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls aired and introduced us all to the world of Lorelai, Rory, Luke and mountains of coffee. Over seven seasons we saw relationships start and end, graduations, successful business launches and many fights between Lorelai and Emily. A few years ago we even got a mega successful reboot series on Netflix, proving the enduring love of the show. However after all that how well do you really remember the pilot episode? It’s time to find out with our quiz.

The first ever episode of Gilmore Girls aired on 5th October 2000 and was called a “pretty strong piece of television”. It featured all of our favourite characters and whilst the sets may have changed slightly, the essence of the show in that very first episode remained throughout all seven seasons. If you’re a hardcore Gilmore Girls fan then you will have a lot of love for the pilot, but do you have a lot of knowledge? Can you remember where the episode ends and starts? Do you know how Sookie got the first of her many injuries? And do you know why Lorelai and Rory argue?

To truly test your Gilmore Girls knowledge take our pilot trivia quiz:

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Only a true Gilmore Girls fan will score 13/15 on this trivia quiz