New Girl roommate quiz

Take this New Girl quiz to see if you’re more like Jess, Nick, Schmidt or Winston

Winston is a king end of x

New Girl is the sitcom that will go down in history as being one of the best shows to ever be created. There is no other TV show where you can relate to every single character and laugh and cry in the process. Despite being able to relate to every character, there can only be one who you are intrinsically linked to. Whether you feel you’re more like Jess or maybe you’ve got Schmidt’s personality locked down, there can only be one of the iconic roommates you are most alike. So, who is it going to be? Are you more of a carefree and floaty individual like Jess or maybe you’re all round iconic individual like Winston, this New Girl roommate quiz will tell you exactly that. Take this New Girl quiz to find out which roommate you’re most like:

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