Inside the gorgeous relationship and boujie lives of Love Island’s Tasha and Andrew

Mum and Dad are so in love!!

As a nation, we deserve to be hated on every day for how hard we misjudged Tasha and Andrew on Love Island this year. We stupidly slept on them when, in reality, they are a gorgeous couple who deserve every single moment of happiness coming their way in life.

Andrew recently got a tattoo dedicated to Tasha and it straight-up broke the internet and my heart in the best possible way. The couple moved in together straight after Love Island and have just got their first home together, so let’s take a deep dive into their lives and see how Tasha and Andrew slay the house down every day.

They recently moved in together

After leaving Love Island, Andrew moved in with Tasha into her London flat. But more recently they moved into their own home together. They haven’t posted much about their home yet but I’m sure they will in the background of TikTok videos and bits like that. From what we have seen, they’ve got a grey sparkly kitchen and a lovely shade of wooden flooring but that’s as much as we know.

Tasha and Andrew went to the NTA’s together and slayed the house down

At the NTA’s Andrew debuted his hair style and it was such a flex. He wore a velvet gold blazer and Tasha wore a stunning black lace dress. They both slayed the house down and didn’t leave a single crumb.

They stayed in a £700-a-night Dubai hotel on holiday

Tasha and Andrew stayed in a £700-a-night hotel on holiday. On his Instagram, Andrew filmed Tasha opening a bottle of Champagne on their balcony and the view looked wild. They had their own private pool and were out most nights in bars and restaurants.

On their holiday, Andrew posted a sunset photo on his grid and captioned it: “Making memories with my soulmate” and the post has over 200,000 likes. We can see him and Tasha looking out into the horizon whilst making a heart with their hands – it’s truly euphoric.

Andrew is Tasha’s biggest supporter

Recently Tasha posted a tattoo Andrew surprised her with which was “I love you” in BSL with her cochlear implant wrapped around it. Indiyah replied saying: “Oh wowwwww” with loads of simp emojis – a big mood.

Tasha says they are ‘thriving every day’

In a New magazine column, Tasha said: “We’re really happy. We’re thriving every day and I’m so proud.” Ummm, is anyone else crying??


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Feature image via @tashaghouri on Instagram.

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