‘My weekends are for the horses’: Gemma Owen has spoken out about life after Love Island

Gemma says she and Luca are ‘making it work’

Gemma Owen has opened up about her life post Love Island and revealed she only has two close friends. The 19-year-old came second with her now boyfriend Luca Bish.

During a YouTube Q&A video on her channel, she says her life really hasn’t changed that much when it comes to knowing who she can trust. Gemma says: “To be honest I’ve always had a small friendship group and that’s just how I’ve been from a very young age. I’m lucky enough to be really close to all my family and our family friends. I’ve got them to talk to and I know who I can trust.”

We all know Gemma is a horse girl at heart, she loves them and can’t get enough of the animals. She says that since leaving the villa nothing has changed. She says: “I’m mad busy in the week and when it comes to the weekend, I’m not one of those girls who love going out and partying and being a girls’ girl. I’ve never done that and I don’t intend to start now.”

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Gemma says her weekends are for one thing: horses. She loves training and competing whenever she can and to be honest, I respect that she’d rather be horse riding than riding the waves of a vicious hangover from a big night out in Cheshire.

In her YouTube video, Gemma also says she’d rather have two friends that she can trust with anything rather than a big friendship group. Gemma then gets into details about her relationship with Luca saying she’s “working on” it, admitting they have had time apart. Gemma lives in Cheshire and Luca lives all the way down south in Brighton. But Gemma admits it’s “working fine,” she continues: “You know, we’re obviously still mad busy but we’re making time for each other and you know, whenever we can, he’s either up here or I’m down in Brighton.

“If we’re both working in London we’ll spend the night together so we’re just sort of making it work. He’s actually here now, we’re going to go and have some lunch later but everything is good in that department.”

You can watch Gemma’s full YouTube video below.

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