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A chaotic roundup of all the spicy MAFS UK gossip that’s come out since the show ended

I need to know everything about the ‘secret couple swap’ and I need to know now

We were naive to think that all the MAFS UK drama would end with this season of Married at First Sight coming to and end. Even though there aren’t anymore episodes airing, the goss is flying around like no tomorrow. There’s been a lot to keep track of, so I’ve conveniently done a little round up of everything that’s gone on so you can easily catch yourself up with the chaos. You’re welcome.

Matt might be dating Marilyse from last year’s season and they’re on holiday together right now

In a completely random twist of events, this year’s Matt is apparently on holiday with Marilyse from 2021. The two have both posted about being at the same resort in Turkey – but a source told OK! that they’re just friends.

“There’s no romance, Marilyse has gone to recover from a marathon which she ran for Kidney Research recently and she’s celebrating with her son that it’s a year since donating her kidney to save his dad’s life.

“Matt has gone to recover from the trauma of the show, as you’ll have seen last night it’s taken a toll on his emotional wellbeing. Marilyse knows oh too well how the public reaction can impact the mental health of the men on the show as she saw how it impacted Frankie.

“So she’s being nothing more than a supportive friend to him whilst other friends from the show are filming the Christmas reunion.”

Duka and Jordan had a fight at the reunion that we didn’t see

Although we saw Jordan plonk himself slap bang in the middle of Chanita and Duka on the show and the awkwardness was rife, apparently it kicked off even more and we didn’t get to see the main crux of it.

Jordan said he felt Duka’s actions were “disrespectful” as he still had feelings for his ex-partner. When Duka spoke with Chanita, he said: “Loving the hair, loving the eyes as well.” Jokingly, Chanita replied: “Is this you moving to me Duka?” Jordan then put himself in between the pair and said: “Mate, why are you being so disrespectful?”

Jordan said: “To be fair, I’ve still got some feelings for her. I didn’t like it to tell you the truth. It didn’t feel nice and that’s because I do care. There was a lot of stuff that got edited out.” Jordan admitted that Duka apologised and said: “Sorry mate, it wasn’t like that.”

One of the cast members flashed her boobs at the reunion

Chanita and Adrian discussed on an Instagram live that one of the cast members stood up in the middle of a dinner party argument and flashed her boobs. No, I’m not joking. They didn’t say who but I am DYING TO KNOW.

During the live, Chanita said: “One thing you didn’t get to see at that dinner party was at one point someone felt the need to flash their boobs in order to try and calm the situation and distract everybody. So the person went ‘right guys’, stood up and went boom. The funny thing is, you know at most dinner parties that would be a pretty big thing, you know for someone to get their boobs out.

“Everyone would probably stop and talk about it and gasp, but no, at this dinner party everyone just went ‘yeah anyway’. It was at that moment I realised what I was seeing wasn’t normal.”

Matt made a sexist comment at the reunion 

via Channel 4

Matt spent this entire season of MAFS UK at the centre of drama, and apparently the show didn’t air a comment he made that the group deemed as sexist and caused him to storm off.

A TV insider told The Sun: “Matt said something sexist to the group during filming and they all kicked off. What he said was disgusting and would never have been allowed to air after it got such a bad reaction from his co-stars. They were deeply upset by the comment and Matt ran off. He felt it was no longer possible for him to continue filming the show. It meant he missed out on being part of the rest of the episode, where couples were reflecting on their marriages in front of the experts and the group.”

Adrian revealed on a Live that there were secret ‘couple swaps’

During a Q&A Instagram Live between Adrian, Chanita, Duka and Sophie, Chanita read out a question regarding other couples swapping partners, which she denied.

Adrian said: “I think that there has been [couple swaps]. There has been,” to which Chanita replied: “Who? You can’t just say that.”

He added: “I thought it was common knowledge so I’m now confused and you’re confused or are you all pretending you don’t know what I know?” Chanita then went on to ask if the swapping involved anyone who’d been on the Live, and Adrian said “I’m not giving anything away. I didn’t know I was the only one who had the tea! Maybe it’s not true, I didn’t get it from the horse’s mouth but this horse is in reverse.”

We need to demand this information – it’s in the PUBLIC INTEREST! End of.

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