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Here is all the drama that was cut from the Married at First Sight UK reunion episodes

There have never been so many dinner party arguments

Married at First Sight UK has officially come to an end but the drama has not stopped. The two reunion episodes made apparent who managed to make the experiment work and who fumbled as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. While the reunion episodes weren’t half as drama-filled as the actual show itself, there were some key moments that were completely cut out of the show. From people storming out of filming to unaired arguments, here are all the moments that were cut out of the Married at First Sight UK reunion episodes:

Jordan and Duka had an unaired argument after Duka flirted with Chanita

Married at First Sight UK cast member Jordan Emmett-Connelly revealed that he argued with his co-star Duka Cavolli over Chanita Stephenson, in scenes that were unaired from the show. The 29-year-old grew annoyed during the reunion dinner party when Duka made a move on Chanita.

Jordan said he felt Duka’s actions were “disrespectful” as he still had feelings for his ex-partner. When Duka spoke with Chanita, he said: “Loving the hair, loving the eyes as well.” Jokingly, Chanita replied: “Is this you moving to me Duka?” Jordan then put himself in between the pair and said: “Mate, why are you being so disrespectful?”

Jordan said: “To be fair, I’ve still got some feelings for her. I didn’t like it to tell you the truth. It didn’t feel nice and that’s because I do care. There was a lot of stuff that got edited out.” Jordan admitted that Duka apologised and said: “Sorry mate, it wasn’t like that.”

One of the Married at First Sight UK brides flashed their boobs to defuse an argument

Married at First Sight UK co-stars Sophie, Adrian and Chanita all went on an Instagram live following the airing of the reunion episode and Chanita revealed there was a moment that was cut from the episode.

During the live, Chanita said: “One thing you didn’t get to see at that dinner party was at one point someone felt the need to flash their boobs in order to try and calm the situation and distract everybody. So the person went ‘right guys’, stood up and went boom. The funny thing is, you know at most dinner parties that would be a pretty big thing, you know for someone to get their boobs out.

“Everyone would probably stop and talk about it and gasp, but no, at this dinner party everyone just went ‘yeah anyway’. It was at that moment I realised what I was seeing wasn’t normal.”

Matt allegedly said something sexist to the group during the reunion

During the final dinner party of Married at First Sight UK, fans saw Matt storm out but were left wondering why. Matt initally addressed the group and apologised for his actions on the show before storming out of the dinner party.

Married at First Sight UK unaired

via Channel 4

A TV insider told The Sun: “Matt said something sexist to the group during filming and they all kicked off. What he said was disgusting and would never have been allowed to air after it got such a bad reaction from his co-stars. They were deeply upset by the comment and Matt ran off. He felt it was no longer possible for him to continue filming the show. It meant he missed out on being part of the rest of the episode, where couples were reflecting on their marriages in front of the experts and the group.”

Before he walked out, Matt addressed his co-stars and said: “Firstly, my behaviour last night was unacceptable. On a serious note, to anybody I offended, I do apologise.”

E4 has been contacted for comment.

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