These are the Bake Off contestants who gained the most Instagram followers so far

Obvs Sandro’s follower count skyrocketted by 773.5 per cent

Bake off is well and truly underway and the standard feels higher than ever this year. But the show’s not really about the skill of the bakers. Sure they’re good but while we come the viewers come for the baking, we stay for the personalities. And there are a whole load of crackers this year. From Sandro to Janusz to Compost Carole, this year’s Bake Off contestants are nothing short of iconic. The question is: Is their popularity reflected in their social media accounts. The answer: yes. This is how much the Bake Off contestants Instagram follower counts changed after episode one of the show:

1. Sandro (+ 9.8k)

Before the show hit our screens, Sandro had 1,059 followers on Instagram. Now he’s hit a whopping 10.9k followers. It’s clear he’s fast becoming the fan favourite

2. Janusz (+7k)

Janusz has gone from 929 Insta followers before episode one hit our screens to 7.9k.

Rebs (+3.7k)

Rebs is clearly becoming popular among the Bake Off stans as she’s gone from 755 followers to 4.5k.

James (+2.8k)

James as gone from 841 followers to 3.6k.

 Maisam (+1.7k)

Maisam, who was booted out in week two, went from 562 followers to 2.3k during her short stint in the competitiom.

 Syabira (+1.5k)

Before the show, Syabira had a measley 269-strong following on Instagram. That’s now shot up to 1.7k.

Kevin (1.5k)

Kevin’s gone from 1.3k to 2.8k.

Maxy (+1.5k)

Before the show, Maxy had 298 followers on Instagram and now she has 1.8k.

Carole (+1.2k)

Carole’s follower count shot up from 206 before the first episode to 1.4k.

Dawn (+1.2k)

Dawn had 645 followers before the series began. Now she’s on 1.8k- a 1.2k increase.

Abdul (+500)

Abdul went from 324 followers to 801. This is his only post on Insta (He’s second from left).

The Great British Bake Off continues next Tuesday on Channel 4 at 8pm. You can stream all episodes here.

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