Bake Off is back and Twitter is cooking up more top quality memes than ever before

Everyone’s thirsting over Sandro

Great British Bake Off 2022 is back with a bang, bringing with it a whole load of top notch memes. If it’s anything like last season, the Channel 4 baking show is set to be a cracker.

We’ve already got some brilliant characters. Let’s start with Sandro. The Internet is already thirsting over the tall, muscly, baker / nanny, who’s positioned himself as a favourite in the competition and the hearts of the viewers.

Dawn is already emerging as the show’s antagonist, after proudly announcing she worked for Boris Johnson. No doubt she’ll be fighting it out to the death with Prue Leith for the position of head Tory by the end of the show.

While I have to give special mentions for the gems that are Maisam, Janusz and Compost Carole, it feels like there are no absolute stars on this year’s show. No potential national treasures. What am I trying to say? I miss Jurgen and Giuseppe. But maybe it’s too early to tell what star quality the cast could bring.

This years contestants are, however, already inspiring a load of memes that are blowing up on Twitter.

The very best Bake Off 2022 memes from episode one

The Great British Bake Off continues next Tuesday on Channel 4 at 8pm. All episodes are available to watch on All 4.

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