All the evidence that Princess Margaret was an absolute vibe

A style icon

Following the death of the Queen, people are looking back at Princess Margaret, who died over twenty years ago. The legacy of this royal has extended far beyond what is usual for a monarch’s siblings. Her recent portrayal on The Crown too has made the public remember what an icon of the 20th Century she was. 

Her beauty and emotion is something that really connected with the general public. Both her fashion and sense of humour are being remembered all over TikTok, as many miss the flavour she brought to the Royal family. 

Here’s a rundown of all the reasons Princess Margaret was such an icon:

She went through the first royal divorce in 400 years


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After (allegedly) giving up love for duty, Princess Margaret married Andrew Armstrong-Jones in 1960. Her affair with Peter Townsend, a Navy captain before her marriage with Armstrong-Jones, was a tabloid frenzy, which was likely part of why their relationship broke down.

She had multiple extra-marital affairs: some confirmed and some rumoured, as she struggled with her unhappy marriage. These were, again, tabloid fodder. Yet, her decision to publicly go through a divorce was radical and may have saved her nieces and nephews from their own unhappy unions.

Her colourful personality

Princess Margaret has always been known as one of the more vibrant and relatable royals because of her flaws. Particularly today, when we can look past some of her mistakes with the benefit of hindsight, we can understand why Margaret behaved the way she did, and have a lot more compassion towards her.

Her expressions at things like royal weddings endeared her more as a “real person” than some of her more stiff-upper-lipped family, and allowed people some levity during those events. Whereas her sly digs at people have made her somewhat of an icon of shade when they are directed with her sharp-tongued precision.

Viewing her comments toward people through this lens, we can see more humour in them. Her sharp wit has certainly become part of her charm, especially if you look at Helena Bonham Carter’s performance. The actress seems to really understand her complexities and this generated so much more empathy toward “The Rebel Princess.”

Her iconic wardrobe


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Last, but certainly not least, we have to discuss Princess Margaret’s wardrobe.

When you think about Princess Margaret, you cannot avoid her iconic sense of style. The 1960s ballgowns and quaffed in particular spring to mind when you consider her fashion throughout the years. Her beauty and poise complimented her vivacious personality and helped to grab attention even when her role within the Royal family lessened when the Queen’s children and later grandchildren were born.

The multiple ballgowns, suits and jewellery presented her as an icon of glamour and the 20th Century as a whole. Her photos are striking in how they portray her and leave us with a true icon of her generation of the Royal Family.

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