All the celebs who have made digs at Holly and Phillip’s alleged queue jumping antics

Mel B being on this list is jokes

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have issued an explanation to their alleged queue jumping antics when visiting the Queen lying-in-state over the weekend. Apparently the pair “understand” the reaction they have received and they started today’s episode of This Morning with a much needed explanation.

Holly started the show and said: “Hello, good morning and welcome to Tuesday’s show. As a new chapter in history begins with the reign of King Charles III, we’re taking a look back on the 11 days.” They then introduced a video montage of their coverage for the Queen’s death starting from when they went off air. The video then moved to the Queen lying in state. The pair went to chat to people in The Queue.

Holly said: “Like hundreds of accredited broadcasters and journalists, we were given official permission to access the hall. It was strictly for the purpose of reporting on the event for millions of people in the UK who haven’t been able to visit Westminster in person. The rules were that we would be quickly escorted around the edges to a platform at the back. In contrast, those paying respects walked along a carpeted area beside the coffin and were given time to pause. None of the broadcasters and journalists there took anyone’s place in the queue and no one filed past the Queen. We, of course, respected those rules, however, we realise that it may have looked like something else and therefore totally understand the reaction. Please know that we would never jump a queue.”

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Anyway, the public reaction to their denied queue jumping has been wild. Here’s a rundown of all the celebrities who have come out with digs regarding queue jumpers.

Mel B

During her appearance on Good Morning Britain earlier today, Mel B made a subtle dig at Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield over claims they jumped The Queue. The former Spice Girl joined the show to talk about her personal letter from the Queen and the time she broke royal code by kissing Prince Charles on the cheek several years ago.

Toward the end of her segment Mel asked Sussanna Reid what it was like queuing. Susanna said: “It felt like a sort of pilgrimage. It was an honour to be with all the other people in the queue.” Mel jumped in again and said: “No queue jumping for you.”

Huw Edwards

Apart from the Queen herself, obviously, this man has been the face of the BBC and all of it’s royal coverage. He has been at the centre of coverage after being the first newscaster to break the news that she had passed away.

In a video narrating the famous faces in The Queue, Huw Edwards pointed out David Beckham has been there. He said: “There have been quite a few familiar faces in the queue for that lying in state. We did of course see a certain David Beckham there on Friday. He was widely praised for queuing for hours and hours, not jumping the queue because he’s a superstar VIP; no he was in the queue for many hours. Good for him.”

Eamonn Holmes

Ex-This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes has also made a comment on Phil and Holly’s alleged antics. Someone originally said: “Thoughts are with the This Morning writer currently slaving over a laptop desperately trying to come up with a convincing excuse for Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby queue jumping.” Eamonn liked someone’s response which said: “Does this mean we can have Eamonn and Ruth back on This Morning please?!”

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