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Just 19 unhinged brand tributes to the Queen which go way too far

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Look, I want to keep this respectful, so I’ll just stick to the facts: Yesterday (8th September), Buckingham Palace announced the death of the Queen. Naturally, tributes began pouring in from across the country, including people you didn’t even know were royalists (if you see another of your school bullies sharing that Paddington drawing one more time…).

Obviously, the brands couldn’t stay silent. What followed was a positive avalanche of unhinged tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos, each commemorating the Queen in their own weird way. Honestly, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for The British Kebab Awards to post!!

So, here’s a full rundown of the worst brand posts so far:

1. When are we getting a red, white and blue Domino’s commemoration pizza?

2. Legend has it the Queen loved a £2 bodycon

3. Bing Bing

4. Now leak her usual Friday night order

5. Thanks Jimmy

6. Thinking about a Playmobil King Charles

7. We know the royals love a Pizza Express!

8. Out of respect, you must not ride on the Duplo Dino Coaster

9. Sending Buckingham Palace a Funky Pigeon sympathy card

10. Why’s Ann Summers quoting a cartoon bear?

11. And it’s 10 – 1 on… never mind

12. Off to comfort-eat a burger and milkshake in any of the last existing Wimpys

13. Thank you Cash Converters!

14. I want to hear from Shrek himself

15. Union Jack phone cases coming soon!

16. Build a shed in honour

17. Oh my god???

18. Not the sausage roll blue!

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