Explained: Are we actually getting a Bank Holiday now the Queen has died?

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Queen Elizabeth’s death on Thursday set into motion Operation London Bridge. This plan lays out what happens in the following days after the Queen’s death as well as what happens during the period of national mourning and whether or not we get a bank holiday.

The period of national mourning begins today and lasts for the next 10 days. It is expected the funeral will be held on the 10th day which would be Monday 19th September.

Will there be a bank holiday to mark the death of the Queen?

According to Operation London Bridge, the day of the funeral will be marked as a “Day of National Mourning” which while not being called an official bank holiday, will effectively act as a bank holiday because the London Stock Exchange will be closed.

The Royal Family has yet to confirm the official date of the Queen’s funeral. If it were to take place on a weekend or existing bank holiday, no extra day would be granted – however it is expected to take place on a Monday.

Update: King Charles III approves bank holiday

King Charles has approved a bank holiday to take place on the day of the Queen’s funeral. He gave the approval at St James’ Palace in London where he was formally declared head of state.

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Will we get the day off?

Previous to the King Charles’ announcement, it was going to be up to where you work whether they chose to give you the day off on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

The order from the new King means there will be mandatory closures across the country. You should expect schools and shops to close as well as most businesses. This means it is very likely you will have the day off work.

Previous to the Royal Family’s decision, it was expected that some businesses would close and they would be be “flexible” to their workers and give those who are “particularly upset” the day off.

Will universities close?

For most students, their term won’t yet have started by the time of the Queen’s funeral. However for universities that start earlier, particularly in Scotland, this could affect their teaching.

The Department for Education has yet to comment specifically on universities but has said “schools and further education settings” should remain open. As such, you should expect your university to also stay open.

In light of the announcement by the King, it is now expected schools will be closed on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Will we get any other bank holidays?

There will potentially be another bank holiday on the day of King Charles’ coronation.

Although Charles has immediately become King following the death of the Queen, his coronation could be many months away.

When Queen Elizabeth’s father died and she became Queen, it took 14 months before her coronation in June 1953. However, the government at the time issued a formal bank holiday with people having the day off work so this could very well happen again on the day of Charles’ coronation.

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