We can work out your vibe based on your favourite Barbie movie growing up

If it’s Princess and the Pauper then you’re a member of the Labour Party

I truly believe the Barbie movies are an elite genre of cinema and single-handedly raised an entire generation. I was (still am) a Barbie fan girl and I’m not ashamed of it.

There does, however, seem to be a perpetual rumour that all the original Barbie movies are being added to Netflix and every time it doesn’t come true my heart breaks.

So to fill the Barbie-sized hole in your heart, this is what your favourite film in the Barbie cinematic universe as a child says about you now. And if it is anything made past 2007, I have nothing to say to you.

Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses

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Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses is top-tier cinema. It’s absolutely in the top three of all Barbie movies in my humble opinion. But if it was your favourite, you’re 100 per cent a theatre kid now. You’re probably obsessed with Glee and learnt every single word to Hamilton pretending you were into rap music. You study drama and I hate to say it but you’re a little insufferable. You’re also definitely a single child pining after the sibling relationship of the 12 princesses. Poor lonely you.

I also have strong opinions about what your favourite princess in this movie says about you. If your favourite was Genevieve you think you’re the main character when in actual fact you’re just really irritating. But if your favourite was an underground sister like Courtney or Blair then you radiate cool vibes. Personally, I had a spinning doll of Lacey that I got caught in my hair and had to chop a chunk off, just girly things x

Barbie Mermaidia

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You were that kid who used to pretend you were a mermaid in the pool of your all-inclusive holiday in Spain circa 2008. If this was your favourite, your walls are still painted the aqua blue you begged your parents to have in the paint aisle of Dunelm back in the day. When you grew out of Mermadia you graduated onto H20: Just Add Water and Cleo lives rent free in your brain. However, sticking with the mermaid theme, if your fave was Barbie: A Mermaid’s Tail then you disgust me. Very big difference here. Grow up please.

Barbie in Princess and the Pauper

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If Princess and the Pauper was your favourite you have ELITE taste and you’re definitely a member of the Labour Party. You “found yourself” on an interrailing trip after finishing your A-Levels and now you study a humanities subject like Politics or English and are probably an avid member of your uni’s feminist society.

You only shop in vintage and charity shops and are probably vegan. However, if Princess and the Pauper was your favourite and you preferred Anneliese over Erika (the horror) then you’re definitely a raging Tory, I don’t make the rules. Alexa, play I’m just like you from the Princess and the Pauper soundtrack.

Barbie Fairytopia

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Let’s be honest, if Fairytopia is your favourite then you’re basic and you probably only chose it because of Bibble. Now don’t get me wrong, Bibble is a legend and Fairytopia is up there with one of the greats, but I actually can’t remember a single thing about this film other than Bibble and that I liked her wings; so you definitely give off girlboss, gaslight, gatekeep vibes. You’re a Zara and Urban Outfitters girlie and Aperol Spritz runs through your veins. I feel like you worship Ekin-Su. Bibble supremacy!

Barbie Swan Lake

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If you were a Barbie Swan Lake gal you probably begged your parents to put you in ballet classes but then decided to quit after two months. This was also probably the only Barbie movie you watched. You didn’t realise there is an actual ballet called Swan Lake and thought Barbie invented it until you were 12, didn’t you?

You give off cottage-core vibes now. You’re a big fan of Clairo, Dodie and girl in red and All Too Well (10 minute version) was your top song in your 2021 Spotify Wrapped. You study something like History of Art at an aesthetic uni like Oxford or Royal Holloway and you’re big into crystals and astrology. You’re probably a Gemini.

Barbie Island Princess

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Barbie Island Princess girlies give off chaotic energy. You’re the kind of person that runs off on a night out and wakes up on a flight to Greece. You’re a big animal person and you are weirdly obsessed with your cat. You post infographics on Insta about #savingtheturtles even though you probably get through about nine elf bars a week. You absolutely voted Green in the last election.

Any of the new Barbie movies

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Barbie Spy Squad? Barbie Rock N’ Royals? Sorry, who? Feel a bit nauseous. If any of the Barbie movies made after 2007 are your favourite then I despise you. Seriously, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror because you are a child. Grow up and watch some real cinema.

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