Debunked: Are the Harry Potter films actually coming to Netflix?

People on Twitter seem to think so

Love them or loathe them, the Harry Potter films were a key presence in all of our childhoods. From the fantastical settings to the loveable characters, the epic saga ran in parallel with our own upbringings. Everyone’s seen the films and the real stans have read the books, but apparently people still want to watch Harry Potter over and over again. Obviously fans were ecstatic when they heard the movies were dropping on Netflix. But it appears there’s been some confusion. Here’s the truth about whether Harry Potter is on Netflix or not:

Is Harry Potter actually on Netflix in the UK?

So people started going crazy when a Facebook page called Netflix Memes posted a status saying Harry Potter is dropping on Netflix.

The post received over 130k likes and was shared widely, sending Harry Potter fans into a spin.


But Netflix Memes omitted one crucial fact- the Harry Potter films won’t be available in much of the English speaking world including the UK and the USA.

On top of that, Netflix told The Tab there are “no plans” to bring Harry Potter to Netflix UK.

There are 11 countries in which you can watch the Harry Potter films on the streaming service, including Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France and Australia.

So if you’re that desperate, hop on your broomstick to one of those countries or, and this is perhaps the easier option, watch them on other services like Sky or Now TV.

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