Quiz: Which of the Harry Potter boys would you match with on Tinder?

Sadly, we can’t all get Draco

With the recent release of the Harry Potter 20th anniversary special, it’s crazy to think that the actors who played those small twelve year olds in the first film are now in their thirties. Many of us grew up alongside the characters, and often imagined that we too were part of the wizarding world.

We sorted ourselves into a Hogwarts house, had our own Patronus, and even had strong relationships with all the different characters. We cried when Fred and Lupin died, gasped when Snape finally revealed his secret, and smiled as the main trio went on to live happy lives. But between all the potions and spells, the Harry Potter series also contained a lot of romance.

From the Cedric, Cho and Harry love triangle, to Ron and Hermione’s romantic build-up, you couldn’t help but relate to their navigation of teenage love and heartbreak in the later films and books. As Dumbledore says in the Half-Blood Price: “Oh, to be young and to feel love’s keen sting”. But even more that that, if you grew up a big Harry Potter fan, you also probably had some character crushes yourself. For many of us, Harry Potter was our first introduction to the ‘bad boy’, in the form of Draco Malfoy. And we’re still not quite over it.

As Harry Potter was an invention of the late 90s, when the characters were going into young adulthood they didn’t have things like social media or dating apps, which often meant that their relationships were actually quite wholesome and pure. If they were that same age now, I think it would be a very different story. Imagine Draco on Tinder, it would be fuckboy central.

So with all that in mind, here’s a quiz that will tell you which of the Harry Potter boys you would successfully match with on Tinder.

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