Quiz: How much of a la plouc are you really?

Are you as basic as Emily Cooper?

Emily in Paris has returned and with it of course comes the arrival of TV’s most basic bitch Emily Cooper. In season one Emily was called la plouc and ringarde by her colleagues for her basic style, attitude to life and Eiffel Tower keyring. If you missed French class, ringarde means basic and la plouc translates to “hick”. And now Emily is back in our lives with her big smile, iced coffee and questionable looks and I absolutely love her for it. We’re all a little bit of a basic bitch however much we try to deny it. But just how much of a la plouc are you really?

We’ve created a quiz that will see just how basic you are. Are you the epitome of French chic like Sylvie? Or a mixture of basic and chic like Mindy? Or are you queen of the basics like Emily? By answering 10 questions about your fashion, smoking habits and how long you spend on your hair we will tell you exactly how ringarde you actually are.

 How much of a la plouc are you really?

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