A definitive ranking of all of the High School Musical 2 songs, from worst to Fabulous

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It’s been 15 whole years since High School Musical 2 was released into the world and I don’t think it’s dramatic to say that all of our lives were changed forever. No matter where you stand on the ranking of the three films it is cold hard truth that the second film of the trilogy has the best soundtrack ever. I’ll never stop holding out hope for a fourth film with the whole original cast, fingers crossed.

From Gotta Go Your Own Way to Bet On It, High School Musical 2 is full to the brim of certified bangers. Here are all of the hits from the iconic film, ranked from worst to best:

11. Everyday

I think it’s best to just get this one out of the way. This song is kind of boring and doesn’t compare to the rest of the soundtrack in the slightest. Like yeah it’s lovely that Troy and Gabriella got back together (again!) and I like the white themed outfits and the blue sky background but other than that I think it’s pretty underwhelming.

10. All For One

The actual song for this part of the film isn’t great but it’s definitely redeemed by the fun video and dance routines. The outfits are so unbelievably late noughties here and it really makes me smile. All For One really captures the immaculate summer vibe that makes this film so good and the pool party made me sooooooo jealous- I should’ve been there.

Oh and does anyone remember when you got to vote for which Disney Channel star you wanted to make a cameo in this video? Extra points for that cheeky twist and of course Miley Cyrus won.

9. Humuhumunukunukuapua’a  (…deep breaths…)

I don’t actually know how to feel about this one because it is an excellent example of Sharpay showing off her raw talent for performing. However, I just can’t get on board with the song at all and the whole scene feels like it doesn’t properly fit into the film. Sharpay does look incredible though and no one wears a glittery blue top and a pineapple crown quite like she does.

8. Work This Out

This song really gives off Greased Lightning vibes and I like how uplifting and positive is. The dance routine is also impeccable and using the pots and pans as instruments is pure genius. I think Work This Out would definitely be further up on this list if the soundtrack wasn’t stellar because honestly I’m struggling to fault it.

No one makes work look so deceptively fun as much as the High School Musical gang do here. Bonus points for the “What team? WILDCATS” at the beginning.

7. You Are the Music in Me (Troy and Gabriella’s Version)

This song is a classic High School Musical ballad- beautiful and moving. I do love it when Troy and Gabriella sing with Kelsi but I can’t shake the fact that when I watched this bit back in the day I thought it was pretty boring and probably fast-forwarded it.

Troy singing seriously is always kind of funny though and the bit where he hides behind the piano is cringeworthy but hilarious. It’s also fun (and a bit too convenient) when the rest of the cast come in at just the right time and join in the singing. Overall, wholesome and lovely.

6. What Time Is It

This song really kick starts the film just right and gets the energy levels high from the get go. The Disney Channel fantasy of throwing school papers in the air mixed with basketball tricks and Sharpay signing autographs on her way out is pure brilliance. Also that wave dance thing they do is so cool.

I’ll be forever grateful to this song for making my automatic response to someone asking what time it is being to shout SUMMERTIME. Chad deserved to be paid overtime for the way he carried the vibes in this video as well- he just looks like he’s having the best time.

5. You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay’s Version)

Now I fully believe that this song just never gets the recognition it deserved. Once again Sharpay is strutting her stuff in a blue glitter top and the pink train coming off her mini skirt really pulls the whole performance together.

She has backing singers and her name in lights so I don’t really understand why Troy doesn’t want to sing with her tbf – stage fright maybe?

4. Gotta Go My Own Way

This song really created a shift in vibe for what was supposed to be a fun summer for the gang. No hate at all but I didn’t vibe with Gabriella leaving in all of the High School Musical films, especially because she ALWAYS came back – so dramatic.

I do really like this song though and it broke my heart whenever Troy and Gabriella were having a rough time. The singing against the lockers and the bit on the bridge provides this film with all the raw emotion it needs and makes us really appreciate Gabriella coming back.

3. Bet On It

There’s just almost too much to unpack here. Bet On It shows another classic case of Troy getting angry and storming off but this time he’s on a golf course. The aggressively clicking of his fingers paired with picking up the sand and splashing away his own reflection in the water shows Troy having an absolute mare.

This weird parkour fest is incredible though and it shows that Troy and Gabriella really are perfect for each other because they’re both so of dramatic.

Oh and the bit where he sings “Gotta work on my swing. Gotta do my own thing” is sheer lyrical genius.

2. I Don’t Dance

This song is just all around incredible and the rumours and theories behind it are even better. Truly enjoyable from start to finish – I could genuinely watch it on repeat all day.

Oh and yes Chad…. yes you do!

1. Fabulous

Stunning and incredible. What true art looks and sounds like. This song is what this film is all about and I think it taught a lot of us that we should never settle for anything less than fabulous.

Queen Sharpay gets her message across loud and clear and I for one applaud her. What an icon!

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