This is where the ‘AUGH’ sound that’s plaguing your TikTok FYP actually comes from

It’s doing my head in

I mean there’s no easy way of spelling it, but I’m going for “AUGH”. It’s the sound dominating FYP around the country and perhaps the world. It’s sort of like a groan or a snore and people on TikTok are slipping it into random videos, catching many a scroller off guard. But where does the “AUGH” sound actually come from and how did this TikTok trend come about? Here’s everything we know:

Is it a security guard sleeping on a PA system? Probs not

According to Know Your Meme, the “AUGH” sound started circulating on TikTok back in late 2021. Sometimes referred to as the “goofy ahh” sound, it is rumoured to have come from a video that went viral on Twitter in 2020.

In the video, a Chinese security guard allegedly falls to sleep on top of a loudspeaker device. He then begins to snore loudly.

But many think this video is actually fake and that the sound comes from this TikTok in which a Portuguese girl records her grandad’s snoring.

As much as I’d like to believe the security guard story, I think it’s most likely the TikTok audio comes from the Portuguese grandad’s snoring clip.

Since then the audio has cropped up everywhere, often without any context at all.

Here are some TikTok clips that feature the ‘AUGH’ sound:


There’s no way I do this 💀 #foryou

♬ AUUGHHH – 🇩🇴


LOL WTF @thespectacularspooderma1 #fyp #wtf #russia #lol #funny

♬ AUUGHHH – 🇩🇴


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