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Inside Elle Darby and Connor Swift’s big Ibiza wedding weekend

I haven’t seen that many fairy lights since I was in halls

Back in August Elle Darby became Elle Swift after she married her husband Connor Swift in Ibiza. They invited all their friends and family out to Ibiza for their wedding weekend and hired a film crew to document the whole thing for YouTube. So far the video has well over 140,000 views and there was a live premier when it dropped last night at 5pm where Elle spoke to everyone in the comment section. Here’s a look inside Elle Darby and Connor Swift’s big Ibiza wedding weekend.

The 50 minute long video starts with clips of their relationship over the years and we hear them saying their vows to one another. It then goes into a video of the night before where they had a party for all their guests. All the guests walk in one by one and waiting for them are Elle and Connor – everyone is wearing all white, obviously.

The music is then interrupted by Elle and Connor who are tapping on glasses asking for everyone’s attention. Elle then says her speech, she says: “I just wanted to welcome everybody to our wedding weekend. I really wanted to say from the bottom of my heart that it means the world that you have all made the effort to come all the way out to Ibiza and to celebrate such a special time for us. Hopefully it’s going to be a weekend to remember and I hope to party with you all tomorrow. So here’s to this weekend, thanks for coming.”

All the guests then start leaving messages on the camera to Elle and Connor. Her dad says: “The weather is amazing, the venue is fabulous darling. The food is delicious and it’ll be a wonderful day. We’re looking forward to it very much. I know that your mum would love to be here too.” Her sister Katie says she is very proud to call her her sister and their mum would be very proud of her too.

Shay, Connor’s best man says he couldn’t think of anyone else he’d rather his best friend marry. He says: “She’s inspirational, amazing and the best person” and that Connor and Elle are the most powerful couple who can get through anything life throws at them.

On the morning of the wedding all the girls are doing meditation and yoga on the beach. They then get breakfast at a buffet. Elle then opens a gift of written letters from her bridesmaids inside a photo album.

Whilst the girls are doing meditation and yoga, the boys are having pints on the beach and chatting. They then go up to get ready and showered whilst having vodka coke mixers and…yes, more beers. Connor then puts his suit on and rehearses his speech.

The video then goes back to Elle with their son, Saint. She gets into air and makeup before putting her dress on. Once all her bridesmaids are ready they go outside and she makes them turn around before coming out to show them all her final look. They all start sobbing. Her dad then comes to look at her in her dress too.

The wedding venue itself is outside on the beach and there’s a band playing. They also have a guest book for people to sign and leave messages in for the couple. Everyone arrives and greets Connor and they begin to take their seats. There’s a seat reserved for Elle’s mum who passed away a few years ago. A photo of her is on the seat as well as a white rose.

Elle then walks down the aisle and Connor immediately begins to cry. They then say their vows into a microphone and say “I do”. They walk down the aisle as a newly married couple to “This Will Be an Everlasting Love” cover and their son is there to meet them.

Then after is the wedding reception and Elle’s dad says his speech. Connor says: “I’m a bit emotional so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I just want to take a moment for Elle’s mum, Debra. We know you’re here with us tonight surrounding us with your love, not only to celebrate our magical moment but also because we are in the place of Ibiza. Debra loved this place, you’re in our thoughts tonight but more importantly you’re in our hearts always and I can’t wait to tell Saint all about you. So with Debra in mind can we all stand please, raise our glasses and join me in a toast whilst we all listen to a very special song for Debra.” Then Angels by Robbie Williams plays.

It goes back to Connor’s speech, he says: “I want to start with saying Elle you literally look incredible. 10 out of 10. The most beautiful person on the island, your dress is out of this world and you are honestly stunning. I am one lucky man to be able to call you my wife. You came into my life at a point where I was a boy going through life not really knowing where I was heading. I need you more than you think and I am so thankful every morning I wake up next to you. Final applause and cheers for the new wife, Elenaor Swift. Now let’s go dance the night away and have a good night.”

You can watch Elle Darby and Connor Swift’s full wedding video here.

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