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Quiz: Can you guess which festival these people are at, just by their outfits?

There is definitely a vibe that screams Reading and Leeds

When you go to a festival, picking out your outfit is one of the hardest parts. Forget who’s headlining for a moment, we need to think about exactly what to wear to make sure the pictures and the vibes are on point. And you know it’s true, there is a certain, undisclosed, dress-code and vibe check that goes hand in hand with each UK festival. But can you identify it? This festival outfits quiz is about to test you.

The people of Glastonbury wouldn’t be seen dead in the same garms as someone at Reading and Leeds. And there is just something about cowboy boots and tassles that screams a day in a field at Houghton or Lost Village. All you have to do in the quiz below is match the outfits to the festival the people wearing them were at. Sounds easy, right? Let’s see. I can only apologise in advance for someone who attended a real boujee festival, took a pic, and had their outfit associated with Reading. It happens to the best of us.

Take this quiz to see if you can match the people to the right festival, based on their outfits:

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