Notting Hill Carnival 2022 wild moments

From fallen bus shelters to Sean Paul: All the wild moments at Notting Hill Carnival 2022

Someone gave BIRTH

Notting Hill Carnival returned for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic and over the last two days of August Bank Holiday 2022, it was wild. The vibes were there and the drinks were flowing, but that did not stop chaos erupting. Every single thing that occured is as wild as it sounds, and no other event could amount to the sheer madness of Notting Hill Carnival 2022. Some are straight up wholesome while others will have you glad you didn’t get caught in the crossfire. Here are all the straight up wild moments from Notting Hill Carnival 2022:

Bus stop collapses while people were dancing on it

A group of people were recorded dancing on top of a bus stop in the Ladbroke Grove area of Notting Hill Carnival and within seconds, they were all sent down as the top of the shelter collapsed. It has been confirmed by the Metropolitan Police that two people needed medical treatment following the incident but no one was seriously hurt and all managed to walk away.


They don’t make bus shelters like they used to #carnival #fyp #UnlimitedHPInk #viral

♬ original sound – Certi.banter

Someone gave birth in the street

Yes. You really read that correctly. During the first day of carnival, emergency services were called after a person was in labour. In videos shared across social media, you can hear people in the crowd say: “She’s had a baby”, while others were trying to help her.

A spokesperson for London Ambulance said: “We were called at 6:45 pm on Sunday August 28 to reports of a person in labour within the footprint of Notting Hill Carnival. We treated an adult and baby at the scene and took them to hospital as a priority.” It isn’t known whether the woman was attending the carnival or not. People have sent well wishes to the woman on social media, hoping she and the baby are okay.

Burna Boy’s Last Last was played and EVERYONE sung along

Now this may seem unsurprising as it’s carnival, but to hear everyone sing along so loudly and proudly together after two years of being unable to do so, the vibes were vibing.

Sean Paul was there?!

Nothing screams FOMO more like missing out on Sean Paul on a stage at Notting Hill Carnival. There was absolutely no better way to welcome back Notting Hill like Sean Paul performing Temperature to crowds.

The tube station queues were like nothing ever before

Everyone knows that certain train stations in and around carnival are closed at certain times, which inevitably means everyone will flock to one station to get home. The queues in tube stations were absolutely insane over carnival weekend, but it’s all part of the experience.

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