Taylor Swift Midnights

21 iconic reactions to the Taylor Swift album announcement before we meet her at Midnight

Swifties getting ‘shaking, crying, throwing up’ to trend on Twitter is legendary

Taylor Swift has announced that her 10th studio album, titled Midnights, will be ours on October 21st – I haven’t known peace since. I will not know peace til I get to listen to it in its inevitably breathtakingly gorgeous entirety, which I will do … at midnight. I personally received the Swift news as it happened and in the midst of a night out, drunkenly screaming at every gay around me that a pop music emergency was steadily unfolding in front of our very eyes. Of course, the chill-less Swifties let absolutely nobody down and have reacted to the news in the best ways humanly possible: Tweets and memes. Here are all the best reactions to the Midnights announcement, the new album by Taylor THEE Swift.

1. I need to book annual leave for all these locations she’s sending us to

2. This feels like a personal attack

3. I just know it will be the best thing I’ve ever heard

4. No I’m crying

5. Kind of high key endorse this x

6. It will be a lifeline for my seasonal depression

7. The internet is quaking in anticipation

8. Oh that’s cinema baby

9. The track five fandom will be track fiving harder than ever

10. And we thank god for that!

11. It’s hard to see someone living your dream

12. And what about it!

13. I am so deeply unrelaxed

14. So true bestie

15. Halcyon days

16. Our time is now

17. I have no patience 

18. ‘Sit back down’ ‘I’m sat’

19. I am she

20. Absolute classic



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