Granny I got the job Totaljobs advert

Everyone on earth hates the Totaljobs YouTube advert and the internet is at breaking point

Granny, she got the job – but at the cost of our sanity

Maybe it’s just because I’m obnoxiously main character, but I truly thought it was only me at breaking point with the hellish Totaljobs advert that has been plaguing my YouTube watching habits for the last few months. It wasn’t until the last few weeks when the nation has collectively revolted on social media at the atrocity of the advert, with everyone sharing their rising fiery hatred for the red haired girl who got the job (and they’re paying her what she asked for!) I didn’t realise 20 seconds was all it took to incense a nation – but the “Granny I got the job” Totaljobs advert has brought new meaning to the word hatred.


Pure evil

For those who have somehow managed to survive this long unscathed, please allow me to well and truly ruin your life. The advert goes as such: An irritatingly chirpy young professional is on a Zoom call with her grandma, and the two exchange the following lines of evil dialogue.

Girl: Granny! I got the job!
Granny: Oh, wonderful!
Girl: And they’re paying what I asked for!
Granny: Well negotiated. You clever thing!
Girl: Runs in the family 😉
Both: *the most insufferable forced laughter you’ve ever endured*

I know we SHOULD be happy for her. But we’re not. We wish these two nothing but misery. The smugness is too much to stomach.


Twitter and TikTok have become a sort of support network for haters of the “Granny I got the job” Totaljobs advert. It is our sanctuary.

We’re really reaching breaking point and I endorse actions like the below.

Some people are really not holding back in their vitriol and if I have to watch it anymore times I’m about two visits to the bog behind them.

But the real pinnacle of “Granny I got the job” Totaljobs advert anger comes in the form of this TikTok, where the dialogue is reimagined as the kind of horror film Ari Aster, James Wan and Mike Flanagan wish they could cook up. Genuinely haunting stuff.

Why did Totaljobs ruin 2022 with this pain, torture, rage and trauma? When will we know peace? What job did she even piggin’ get in the cost of living crisis that is paying what she asked for? Endless questions, endless torment.

Watch the full advert here, if you can stand it.

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