Locked Up TikTok trend

You’d be in the back of a police car if relating to these 24 Locked Up memes was illegal

Why I do what I doooo

TikTokers have made old music go viral once again with the latest Locked Up trend taking over the app. The very simple trend involves a police car filter and a funny caption accompanied by Akon’s song, Locked Up, which was released back in 2004. The lyrics played are the first in the song and it goes: “I’m steady tryna find the motive. Why I do what I do?”, along with a caption with a reason as to why they were arrested if something became illegal.

Some of these videos are absolutely hilarious, and oddly specific but after all, all the best trends are. The different videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views and likes with the sound itself having over 200,000 videos with the same filter. One video that has become increasingly popular is a dog behind the filter with the caption: “When you get arrested for biting everyone’s ankles.” What a good boy.

If somehow you still don’t see how hilarious these videos are, watch these 24 Locked Up TikTok videos and you will soon changed your mind:

1. Lol guess I’m in for life x


Can’t remember a time I was wrong #lockedup #akon #trending

♬ locked up – Coinyes

2. Guilty

3. Someone’s got to do it!

4. I’d never see the light of day tbh

5. Oops x


I know y’all be ghosting like crazy 😭😭 #foryou #fyp #yoitz_isaac

♬ locked up – Coinyes

6. Handcuff me officer!


Pls make me get on my knees too🥺

♬ locked up – Coinyes

7. Um…


you call it mRder i call it survival of the fittest #fyp

♬ locked up – Coinyes

8. I wouldn’t even try to fight it tbh

9. Yikes

10. Same x

11. No one ever is seeing the light of the day again

12. What a good boy!


…and I don’t think I’m the only one #fyp #foryou #dogsoftiktok

♬ locked up – Coinyes

13. I simply have to use my hands to work it out


I just need a few more seconds to figure it out I swear 😭

♬ locked up – Coinyes

14. Teehee

15. Lol

16. We’re all just living the same life


Big foreheads matter😩😂

♬ locked up – Coinyes

17. It’s staying on permanently x


aint taking it off in jail either🫶🏾 #relatable #foryou

♬ locked up – Coinyes

18. Facts


The case would be caught so quick

♬ locked up – Coinyes

19. I’ve seen the notification and I’ve chosen to ignore it <3


“omg i’m just now seeing this!!” a whole week later😭😭 i swear i just b forgetting

♬ locked up – Coinyes

20. 🥺🥺🥺

21. Lying to random people on a night out >>>

22. IBS queens rise

23. It’s this one right here officer


if overthinking was a crime i’d be locked up for life 😂😂😂 #fyp

♬ locked up – Coinyes

24. That’ll never happen tbh

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