From laptops to £3,000 in cash, these are the universities giving out freebies to freshers

Brb, re-registering as a fresher

Whilst university can give you many free things like crippling hangovers and countless library crushes, it can also give you free laptops, thousands of pounds in cash and even catering vouchers.

With between 40-60,000 students being expected to fall short of their expected grades this A-Level results day due to harsher marking, many universities across the UK are giving out free money and other perks to students that have been accepted through UCAS or Clearing.

And with one university giving away enough money for you to buy over 600 boxes of 20 McNuggets, what are you waiting for? Here are all the universities giving away free items to new students:

The University of Kent 

Cash is something all students need more of, especially in Freshers’ Week. The University of Kent is giving out £2,000 to students who achieve at least A*AA. Sure, you’ll be in Canterbury, but think about how many cheesy chips you could get with that.

Cardiff University

Students who have confirmed their place at Cardiff for September and have achieved a minimum of AAA are automatically qualified for £3,000 if they study certain courses, which is paid in instalments over the duration of their degree. That’s enough for over 600 boxes of 20 McNuggets.

Herriot-Watt University

Those going to university in Scotland could be eligible for some cash. And if you’re from the UK but outside of Scotland you’re automatically eligible for a £1,500 bursary at Herriot-Watt in Edinburgh, in order to help with travel costs. Time to start chugging the Irn-Bru.

Dundee University 

Dundee is offering students outside of Scotland £3,000 for every year of study, provided they have achieved AAB in their A-Levels, as well as offering a Discover Dundee scholarship worth £2,000. If you qualify for the Discover Dundee bursary you could go out and explore Scotland’s beautiful countryside, but we all know the money is going straight on VKs.

University of Aberdeen

Not wanting to be outdone by its fellow Scottish universities, Aberdeen offers a staggering £5,000 scholarship to students who have achieved AAA at A-Level and £3,000 for students with AAB or ABB, for students from England, Wales, and Ireland.

The University of Bedfordshire

Those accepted to Bedfordshire via UCAS or Clearing will automatically receive a payment of £1,500 to assist with living expenses, and those who have received more than 112 UCAS points (the equivalent of BBC, according to UCAS’ calculator) will be rewarded with an additional scholarship totalling £2,400 over three years. Prize for whoever can spend that £1,500 the quickest in Freshers’.

The University of Hull

Those who are studying maths are in luck, as Hull will automatically give you £2,100 per *year*, provided you received an A in your maths A-Level and at least 128 UCAS points (the equivalent of ABB). And here I was thinking no amount of money could ever tempt me to do maths at university…

The University of Northampton 

Needing a laptop for university? Not to fear, as students who are accepted by Northampton are given a free laptop! But I hear you say, “I already have a laptop”, well lucky for you there are substitutions you pick from if you don’t want a free laptop. If you choose to forego the laptop you can choose from a discount on your university accommodation, or on-campus catering credit.

Also Northampton, all sports and societies are free and any kit is supplied free of charge by the Students’ Union. Imagine not having to pay hundreds of pounds a year purely to be allowed to go on sports socials??

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