These are the universities where graduates are earning the most after five years

Should have gone to a Russell Group

When you’ve just started out at university with the burden of making friends and keeping up with deadlines, finding a graduate job, let alone how much you’re set to be earning after you graduate, couldn’t be further from most people’s minds. But with the nation in a depths of a cost of living crisis, how much grads are set to be earning after they’ve left university couldn’t be more important.

Graduate salaries have remained unchanged since 2015 but a report released this year said grad salaries were set to rise for the first time in seven years. That, combined with the fact student loan interest rates have been capped at 7.3 per cent, means university graduates are now taking home more than ever.

But which university will have you earning the most? Data gathered by Adzuna revealed which universities grads are earning the most five years after they’ve graduated.

Out of data gathered from 110 universities across the country, these 20 universities were at the top with graduates all earning over £30k after five years and with one even set for you to earn over £50k!

Here are the highest graduate salaries after five years ranked by university, starting from highest to lowest:

Cass Business School – £52,167

University of Oxford – £47,618

Imperial College London – £45,741

University of Cambridge – £44,190

University College London – £40,866

Cranfield University – £39,695

Durham University – £39,147

University of Nottingham – £38,426

University of Edinburgh – £38,233

University of Reading – £37,430

King’s College London – £37,324

University of Strathclyde – £37,043

Queen’s University Belfast – £36,827

University of Bath – £36,317

University of Manchester – £36,227

University of Warwick – £35,615

University of Southampton – £34,814

London School of Economics and Political Science – £34,772

University of Bristol – £34,094

Queen Mary University of London – £33,675

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