These are the uni cities where students rely the most on mummy and daddy’s money

On average, UK students receive £331 from the bank of mum and dad every month

It’s an expensive time to be a uni student, with many reporting that their loan isn’t enough to survive on.

In fact, the NUS estimates that around one in ten students are being forced to use food banks.

Students are increasingly having to supplement their income with part-time jobs, full-time jobs or other loans.

And then of course there are those receive donations from the bank of mum and dad.

According to new research by NatWest, students receive an average of £331 per month from their parents to fund their lifestyle.

On average, students in London get sent the most cash every month from their parents- £629.50 to be exact.

They are shortly followed by students in Manchester (£527.50) and students in Coventry (£408.10).

Here’s a full breakdown of the university cities where students received the most monthly pocket money from their parents in the 2020/21 academic year:

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