These are the Russell Group unis that are currently offering courses through Clearing

There are over a thousand different Russell Group courses with vacancies


Most students begin to frantically look at Clearing on A-level results day but you don’t have to fall into the same trap. Clearing in fact opened on 5th July and there are dozens of courses from top Russell Group universities waiting to be snapped up.

From Exeter to Manchester, Warwick and York, universities that consistently rank among the best universities in the UK need to fill places. You don’t need to apply for a course ahead of results day but it’s a good idea to have a look now before places quickly fill up on Thursday morning.

If you want to see a complete list of all the universities offering places, you can find them here. But, if you have your heart set on a Russell Group university, these are all the Russell Group unis currently offering courses through UCAS Clearing.

Cardiff University

Cardiff has a staggering 189 courses available through Clearing at the moment. Some of the courses available include History, Engineering, Mathematics and Politics. You can see the full list here.

Cardiff also has its own dedicated Clearing enquiry centre as well as Clearing guide you can register for. The university recently won the Good University Guide 2022 Welsh University of the Year.

University of Exeter

Russell Group unis Clearing

Exeter University is one of the UK’s best universities. 89 per cent of graduates are in or starting jobs or in further education 15 months after graduating. It also boasts being in the top 15 of The Guardian’s University Guide 2022.

Current courses through Clearing include four different History degrees and four different Theology degrees. You can see the full breakdown here.

University of Glasgow

As Scottish Higher results came out last week, Glasgow is not currently offering many courses through Clearing, however you can see the four courses it currently has available here.

University of Leeds

Russell Group unis Clearing

Leeds are offering courses to students through Clearing with a foundation year. Foundation years help prepare you for degree level study and give students access to university even if they don’t have the formal qualifications for direct entry.

After a successful foundation year, you then progress into first year. Some of the courses available include Business Studies and Interdisciplinary Science. The full list can be found here.

King’s College London

King’s is a top five university in the UK and ranks 24th in the world in the 2022 Times Higher Education league table. They currently have 10 different courses available through Clearing including Mathematics. If you want to see the full list, you can do so here.

University of Liverpool

Liverpool is ready to take students through Clearing. Of all the Russell Group universities, it offers the most courses by far. There are 352 courses to choose from which effectively means, whatever degree you want to study, it will probably offer it or a similar alternative through Clearing. You can have a look at the full list here.

Update: The university has since pulled all 352 of its courses from the UCAS website. It is unclear if they are all now full or if they will reappear on results day

University of Manchester

Manchester is one of the UK’s biggest unis. As such, it has hundreds of different courses and 136 of those currently have vacancies and are available through Clearing. You could be living in Fallowfield going to raves in The Warehouse Project in no time at all, if you select any of the courses found here.

Newcastle University

Russell Group unis Clearing

Newcastle has made a step-by-step guide to Clearing on their website as well as a blog. Do you own a North Face puffer jacket and love a cheap mixer? Newcastle might just be the place for you. Fall in love with Osborne Road and blue trebs. You can choose from the 178 courses it has available here.

University of Nottingham

Nottingham was ranked as the Sports University of the year for 2021 by The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide. Alongside winning all your BUCs games every Wednesday, you can choose from 236 different courses, with degrees ranging Architecture to Zoology. The full list can be found here.

Queen Mary University of London

If you fancy studying in London, Queen Mary is the only campus Russell Group university in London offering courses. Based in East London, you get the perks of living on a campus uni whilst still being close to the heart of London. You can see the 277 courses available here.

University of Southampton

Russell Group unis Clearing

The Guardian University Guide 2022 ranked Southampton as the fourth best university in the country to study Civil Engineering and the course is still available through Clearing. Soton is 13th overall in The Complete University Guide 2023 and has 164 courses for you to have a look at through here.

University of Warwick

Students at Warwick go on to get great paying jobs. The average graduate salary five years after graduating is £35,615. Its Clearing hotline is currently closed and will open at 8:30am on results day. However, you can see all the courses that are currently available through Clearing, so you can be ready to speak to them on Thursday morning, here.

University of York

York is the final Russell Group university to currently offer places through Clearing. Like Warwick, its hotline is also currently closed but will open at 8am on this Thursday and Friday. York was shortlisted as the 2021 University of the Year and has 49 courses you can choose from here.

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