Danica says Billy caused her ‘lowest moment’ in the villa and almost made her quit

‘I was ready to walk at that point, as I was so over being walked over, pied and rejected’

21-year-old Danica Taylor has said Billy caused her “lowest moment” in the Love Island 2022 villa and admitted she almost quit over it.

She says she was left in tears after Billy ended things between them just hours after they were intimate with one another in bed.

Danica says the situation left her feeling “very disrespected as a woman”. She told OK! Magazine: “I think it all just got on top of me and that’s when you saw that I am a himan and I do have emotions.

“I just broke down really and that was hard. I watched it back and I felt so sad for me. I was ready to walk at that point, as I was so over being walked over, pied and rejected. As confident as I am, there’s only so much one girl can take. But I dusted myself off, got back in the game and Jamie walked in and saved the day.”

via Instagram @_danicataylor

Love Island viewers were seething as Billy rushed to tell all the boys what had happened between himself and Danica. Especially since she purposefully kept details to herself about what went down.

Billy also then went on to completely ignore her in a game of snog, marry, pie. Then finally after Danica found out he had been speaking about her behind her back, she confronted him at the beach party. The situation climaxed and reached breaking point when she stormed off after chatting to him.

Later Billy then asked Danica to chat said told her it was just a game, he said: “Why am I going to snog someone who everyone expects, that’s not funny.” Danica replied to him: “I know it’s just a game and it’s a bit of banter, but at the same time I’ve been through this before in here.”

Billy says he regretted doing what he did. She then confessed her romantic feelings toward him and then he shut the whole thing down saying it hadn’t “clicked” between them.

Thankfully though now Danica has found her spark with Jamie and they’ve even done a denim themed photoshoot together! J’adore them.

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