Here are the most awkward moments from last night’s very tragic Love Island 2022 reunion

We experienced hell for 90 minutes and I never want to go back

The sadness of Love Island 2022 ending was short-lived once we learned we’d have one more evening sat looking at the telly at 9pm. But it turns out our excitement for the reunion was also short-lived after it aired last night. The whole thing was chaos and straight up dreadful. Here’s rundown of the most awkward moments from last night’s Love Island reunion.

1. Coco and Summer’s argument

Even though this was the only crumb of drama we had, it was awkward to watch because fans of the show have heard so many rumours about what actually went down at this point.

2. Still, no one knowing who Joel Corry is

I couldn’t identify this man for the life of me and I would bet money on the fact Davide couldn’t either.

3. Deji and Lacey not going on a date yet

This was so awkward and forced. Lacey was acting all pressed that Deji hadn’t taken her out on a date yet, is this the 15th century? Why is she waiting for him to ask when she could just go and ask him? Also it was so obvious this was the first time they had seen each other post Love Island. Pure hell.

4. The forced return of ‘I licked her tit’

via ITV2

When Andrew first revealed he licked Coco’s tit, it was natural and funny – hence why it became a national meme. But now when they keep replaying the same clip the jokes run very dry.

5. Laura asking Tasha and Andrew if they’ve had sex yet

This was such an intrusive question from Laura and no other Islander seemed to get asked that.

6. Becky Hill coming out at the end again

At this point, the Islanders have seen Becky Hill more times than they’ve seen their own mothers and it’s just not right. I have no issue with Becky Hill but how did she become ITV’s Love Island golden girl may I ask?

7. Stephen Mulhern making a rogue appearance

Davide had no idea who Stephen Mulhen was – the poor man was completely clueless.

8. The pancake cook off was hell

The original pancake cook off in the villa was a work of art – it was iconic to say the least. But this was far too boring for what fans wanted. We wanted the nitty, gritty drama!!

9. The awful impressions

What a slog.

10. Danica’s HR joke

Let Twitter make jokes!!! Nothing is sacred anymore.

11. Liam’s violent gum chewing

Liam was chewing the same piece of gum for the entire duration of the reunion. Fans couldn’t cope with how aggressively he was chewing that gum like it was the last piece on earth.

12. Danica’s twerking

I get her exit was iconic with her twerking out of the villa but this wasn’t necessary.

via ITV2

13. Islanders lip-syncing to One Direction and Antigoni singing

The reunion really missed an opportunity to highlight some really toxic behaviour last night and instead we got the Islanders lip-syncing to One Direction. The worst part was when the video went black and white and Antigoni appeared with her guitar sat by a pool – I’ve never seen anything more North London in my life. Not to mention the way Antigoni SHAMELESSLY plugged her new song. Cheers Antigoni, I won’t be listening to that.

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