Best dressed Islanders of all time

From bombshells to OGs: The very best dressed Love Islanders of all time

Get Tasha’s cowboy boots in my basket NOW

As much as we enjoy Love Island for the drama and comedy it creates, there is one thing we all have our eye on more than anything, and it’s what the Islanders are wearing. Sure, during the day their outfits aren’t all that interesting because they’re just in swimsuits and trunks but when they get glam in the evenings or for dates outside the villa, they well and truly pop off. Not much can be said when it comes to the boys bar a few but on the whole the girls always pull of the most iconic looks. Whether you’re a fan of Tasha and her cowboy boots or Siannise in that green dress in the finals, there have been some outfits to remember. While you sit and think about what you’re going to do with yourself now Love Island has been taken out of your daily routine, reminisce on the most iconic best dressed Love Islanders of all time.

Tasha Ghouri

It would be foolish to not start with Tasha from Love Island 2022. From day one her outfits have been on point and she has served looks even before she entered the villa. Petition for more ASOS huns on Love Island please!

Tasha never missed at any point and had the best outfits by far out of all the season eight Love Islanders. Can we get a round of applause for the dresses please?!

Jordan Hames

Jordan Hames may not of had any fashion sense in the villa but his transformation since his time on Love Island is quite frankly INSANE. He went viral on TikTok after debuting his new look and rightfully so everyone has been raving about it.

He serves the absolute best looks and has been spotted at a load of fashion events including one for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Millie Court

Another ASOS hun is Millie Court from season seven of Love Island. She had done a lot of modelling for ASOS before she entered the villa and now has her own fashion line with them! When she was in the villa she was praised for her fashion sense and if this isn’t a hint that Love Island need to start working with ASOS, I don’t know what is.

She had an eye for fashion before she even entered the villa and still does. We love a consistent queen.

Dami Hope

Dami came into the Love Island 2022 in drip from the very start. May we never forget his blue overshirt and chain when he first entered the villa. What a time June 6th was. Dami’s Instagram is the biggest vibe, mainly because of all his fit checks. A sensationally clothed individual.

Dami’s outfit envy doesn’t stop because he always knew how to dress while he was in the villa. He always had the best shirts and jumpers at every point. Two months of style.

Kaz Kamwi

Our stylish babe Kaz never misses, and I mean NEVER. Whether she’s at a festival, award show or just taking pictures for her Instagram, you never see her in a bad outfit. Even when she was in the villa and had a bonnet to match the same colour of her pyjamas, what a legend.

Even her daywear in the villa was top tier. A colour co-ordinated queen!

Siânnise Fudge

It’s just not on that we never think about Siânnise when it comes to fashionable Islanders. A style icon in and outside of the villa.

Francecsa Allen

Francecsa may have only been in the villa for a matter of days but for the time she was in the villa she SERVED. Considerng she was clothing store manager it made sense she was dressed head to toe in pure fashion. I will never forget the blazer dress she entered the villa in back in 2019.

Nothing but style for this underrated Islander.

Finley Tapp

Finley is an Islander you may be scratching your head about thinking when did he ever serve looks. He may not have in the South African villa but he has embraced true style since 2020. There is something about Finn in an oversized t-shirt that does it for me I won’t lie.

I am quite simply obsessed with Finley and his buzzcut. He is most definitely a slept on style icon.

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