Football is finally home and so are these reactions to the Lionesses’ win last night

Inject every single Bend It Like Beckham meme rn

Last night the Lionesses beat Germany in the Euros 2022 final winning 2-1. The game was both intense and iconic at the same time. Throughout this tournament the women’s team have been heavily compared to the men’s team who also went to penalties in the 2021 final but failed to win.

The women’s team made history last night whilst over 17 million people watched at home, so obviously memes were coming out thick and fast. Here’s a rundown of all the best reactions to their big win.

1. End of!

2. This was so iconic

3. Lmao

4. So good

5. I second that

6. Senddddd tweet

7. Best photo from last night I fear

8. Vibes, vibes and more VIBES

9. A hero

10. Sobbing x

11. Iconic

12. Ffs

13. Why do I have fomo may I ask?

14. Obsessed

15. Sounds about right

16. She really would


18. I can’t believe it


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